Alienware Unveils New Flagship Desktop to Commemorate its 25th Anniversary

The new open-air redesigned Aurora has a 50% increased internal chassis volume

Started on Oct 15, 1996, inside a garage near Miami, Alienware prepares to celebrate the milestone 25th anniversary with the launch of its redesigned flagship desktop Aurora.

Alienware Aurora pioneered the liquid-cooling movement and stood as a symbol of innovation when it was introduced in 2004.

Since then Aurora become the mid-tower desktop of choice for the world’s best esports players in the most demanding, high-stakes tournaments.

Today, innovation continues to drive its most evolved form: introducing the redesigned Alienware Aurora, the pinnacle of Alienware desktop experiences.

Where Form Follows Function

In 2021, we have seen Alienware making some radical upgrades to the Alienware family. From unveiling the world’s first gaming laptop designed in collaboration with CHERRY MX to debuting the brand-new X-Series family– thinnest 15″ and 17″ laptops to date.

But what lies ahead for the beloved Alienware Aurora desktop?

The new Alienware Aurora debuts an open-air design that reorganizes its inner components to promote better accessibility, greater airflow, improved acoustics, and cleaner cable management–enriching the gaming experience in every possible way.

This new open-air design increases internal chassis volume by a whopping 50% without significantly expanding the overall footprint of the chassis.

The result is more efficient total airflow and a reduced acoustic profile that provides gamers with a more enjoyable daily experience. All while providing a 5% increase in graphics performance.

Thoughtful Thermals and Awesome Acoustics

A robust new thermal design supports up to four 120mm fans and liquid cooling options. The new Aurora takes full advantage of the open-air design to keep your rig performing cooler through the most intense gaming sessions.

The Aurora intakes cool air through the honeycomb-shaped airways on the front of the desktop resulting in higher airflow efficiency.

The air moves across the motherboard and performance components before evacuating it out the backside of the chassis.

The new Aurora has increased chassis volume and might seem counter-intuitive: more fans working efficiently can help a desktop stay not just cooler, but quieter.

Gen-over-gen, it is up to 16% quieter at idle, up to 9% quieter during CPU intensive tasks, and up to 15% quieter during overclocking.

Where the Soul meets Body

The new Aurora’s inside-out exterior has expressive curves and an iconic sculpted shape reveals a 360 design that makes it look fantastic from all angles on both Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon color options.

For the first time, Alienware is offering an optional transparent left-side panel that provides a window for gamers to gaze inside and admire a dark new motherboard illuminated by up to eight unique zones of AlienFX customizable lighting.

Fun fact: Alienware designed this with esports in mind, as athletes’ systems are often viewed from the back during broadcasts.

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