Cushing Terrell Joins the Renewable Energy Conversation at Greenbuild 2021

Upgrading energy infrastructure to utilize renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience.

Hurricanes, wildfires, and severe winter storms have demonstrated the precarious nature of our energy infrastructure and the critical need to rethink our energy sources and delivery methods.

Knowing the need for fast-tracked solutions, members of Cushing Terrell’s Infrastructure Group, Alan and Nathan Bronec, father and son electrical engineers, brought their expertise on microgrids and renewable energy integration to this year’s Greenbuild conference which took place last month.

Members presentation, “Don’t Be Left in the Dark: How Microgrids Make Reliable, Onsite Renewable Energy Possible,” will be part of the on-demand series of presentations available for attendees.

When it comes to resilience in the face of natural disasters, microgrid systems offer benefits that include onsite energy generation and storage, the use of renewable energy sources.

The option to connect and disconnect from primary utility grids. Microgrids aren’t a new concept, but they’re fast gaining traction in the effort to identify reliable, climate-friendly alternatives to current infrastructure.

Ashlegh Powell, Director of Sustainability at Cushing Terrell said, “It’s an all-hands-on-deck moment for our industry as we collectively work to promote resilience, equity, health, and well-being while dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade in order to limit warming to 1.5°C. The inspiration and insight we gained from our colleagues and friends at Greenbuild were invaluable at this pivotal time.”

As the United States moves toward zero net emissions in buildings and infrastructure, the use of onsite renewable energy will play a key role.

Now is time for local and state governments, utilities, designers, urban planners, developers, and construction contractors to come together and help drive the sustainability conversation and practice forward, sharing expertise and lessons learned from across disciplines and industries.

In addition to the Bronecs’ microgrid presentation, the Cushing Terrell team has developed a Solar Integration Design Guide that provides a high-level overview of the return on investment of onsite solar, design considerations, and insights.

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