Amusement Park Triggers iPhone 14 Crash Detection Software

iPhone 14 Crash Detection Software

Panicked Sent Multiple Emergency Alert To 911

The new iPhone 14 is packed with a variety of advanced features. Every technological update focuses on making it more interactive and functional. But in the end, we all should understand that they are artificial intelligence, not human intelligence. Backing up this logic is a recent incident in the U.S. 911 received an alert about a major car crash, only to later find out it was just a woman enjoying her time on a roller coaster ride with her iPhone 14 in her pocket.

The Feature

The recently launched iPhone 14  by Apple comes with some new features. One of them is Crash Detection. The always-on feature will send alerts to safety authorities when it detects a hazard or mishap.

When the phone detects an accident, it displays a warning that it is dialing 911 and provides a 20-second countdown to turn off the warning if it was generated in error.

The Alert

911 received an automated set message saying “The owner of this iPhone was in a severe car crash” with the location. The AI system even recorded background audio and because it was a roller coaster, it was filled with screams.

When officials analyzed the location, they found nothing suspicious or alarming. The team was then approached by the owner of the iPhone 14 who realized this mess. She assured them that she is okay, and hilariously so, added that she didn’t visit the “bumping cars” yet for a car crash.

From Apple

Apple hasn’t officially made a statement about this at all. The crash detection capability should be simpler to enable or disable. Adding a shortcut toggle to the control center could be a solution.

Now looking at this situation, there can be two interpretations-

One is that the iPhone feature is unreliable as it is not able to detect actual accidents and can be fooled in such situations.

Two is that the feature is sensitive enough to detect every disturbance and change. Users can trust this feature with detecting huge accidents and sending SOS alerts.

So the choice is yours, how and what to choose!

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