Inspire Clean Energy Partners GivePower to Accelerate a Carbon-Free Future

Brighter World Project

Brighter World Project will help countries to fight climate change

A new initiative is taken by Inspire Clean Energy and GivePower, a non-profit organization, to provide clean, lifesaving energy solutions to developing companies with disproportionate climate change.

The project providing this clean energy transition is called the “Brighter World Project” for countries including Colombia, Kenya, and Nepal, that have been disproportionately affected by climate change.

How does this project work?

This project by Inspire works simply, Inspire will provide clean energy for one of its members in critical need for one year. 

Around 3.5 billion people in the world lack access to reliable electricity and approximately 1.5 billion people live in areas with high water scarcity. 

The project provides access to basic human needs like clean energy and clean drinking water. Through the partnership with GivePower, Inspire aims to donate $500,000 to extend the collective mission of transforming the energy to clean one around the globe.

Patrick Maloney, Founder and CEO of Inspire said, “it’s time to give power to people to take climate actions, to create a better future for the coming generation. The company is providing clean energy across the U.S. and plans to expand it beyond the borders and provide energy to communities facing the effects of Global Warming.”

According to Hayes Barnard, founder, and CEO of GivePower

GivePower is excited to continue its partnership with Inspire to increase global transition to a carbon-free future. Polluting fuels and carbon emissions can be eliminated with the help of the Brighter World Project while improving the livelihood of many communities.

The partnership marks a thoughtful evolution of the relationship between Inspire and GivePower, which started in 2018 during a clean energy project helping 50 communities across Nepal and Colombia.

Over the years, the partners have installed water pumping systems and solar-powered energy in many remote villages. These efforts have generated around 220000 kW of clean energy, helping over 60,000 lives.

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