Resettling Education in Post Pandemic World

Education in Post Pandemic

Internet and Education

The sudden shift from the physical classroom to online classrooms was a major shift in the history of Education. While the Covid-19, a global pandemic hit the countries all over the globe, education structure took a three-sixty degree twirl. The very concept of online schools and colleges gave an awe-struck opportunity to the students even to continue their education in post pandemic. The Internet, however, played a key role in helping the students to experience the mode of virtual classrooms. Online examinations were not the best method of conducting exams but they were the safest method to take the examination during that time. With all the waves that the Covid-19 had hit the earth with, the lives of the youth and their career were to a certain extent, unharmed. 

Reinforcement of Education

Today, the stability initiated across the world with the enforcement of providing vaccines to the global population quite effectively built up the immunity to fight against the deadly virus. However, with the positive follow-up after almost two years, the students, the teachers, and the ministers are in favor of going back to the primitive method of education in post pandemic. On 16 January 2022 the World Bank Education Minister, Jaime Saavedra said, “No justification now in keeping schools closed in view of Covid 19.”  

Thus, with the initiative taken into account, the Undergrads and Post-Grads students are finally having their offline classes in many countries all over the globe. The schools are opting for the primitive mode of education with a minimum number of students. “The reopening of colleges and Schools is the first step of the UK’s lockdown easing”, said The UK Government.

Education and Employment

With the introduction of the Internet and social media as the strongest medium, social media entrepreneurs are increasing in number. With the introduction of crash courses, various Edtech applications are expanding, concreting education in post pandemic. The establishment and improvement in privatization is something to be taken into account. Youtubing, blogging, and many other opportunities are now known and available to students in different fields of study.

The education is however taking a twirl in ensuring students have enough knowledge with less burden and process to reinforce these motives and ideas are still in process. The jobs over the internet and the existence of social media are improving the condition of unemployment. Thus, all the threats that CoronaVirus has made us dwell with led to a better version of education and opportunities. 

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