World Philosophy Day 2022- 5 Books to Read to Grow Your Mind

World Philosophy Day

Have you ever said something profoundly poetic and beautiful, and then that one annoying person goes “Don’t hit me with that philosophy now”? (extremely irritating.) Or you read a poem written by someone unknown, and it just changed the way you look at this world and are in this little poetic bubble of your own with that line? Or you just sit in your window on a beautiful rainy day, listening to some music, and just think about how little droplets fall from the sky and the strangers walking by. Each having a story of their own, working and functioning all alone. If yes, you have questioned the philosophy of life multiple times. For the thousands of questioning minds of the world, we have World Philosophy Day. 

Since the beginning of civilization, there have always been those who have been interested in learning more about the fundamental issues surrounding existence. The earliest indications of philosophical ideas and the search for wisdom emerged from their desire to study different facets of life in order to achieve deeper knowledge.

How Did It Begin?

Our current world has undoubtedly been shaped by philosophy, and the societies of our future world will also be shaped by it. Therefore, it is only right that World Philosophy Day was officially established by UNESCO in 2005.

The Records of the General Conference, 33rd session, Paris, 2005, were released by UNESCO in a 726-page multilingual (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish) program and conference document in 2007. The declaration of World Philosophy Day was made at this time.

World Philosophy Day encourages the growth of rational, independent thought, which leads to a better understanding of the world and promotes tolerance and peace.

Purpose And Theme

World Philosophy Day 2022 carries the theme- The Art of Happiness with Epicurus and Friends. The theme revolves around Epicurus’ view of happiness and how one would inherit it. Through his words, he has expressed obtaining happiness even in the most miserable situations- instead of dwelling in pain, one should recollect moments that once made them the happiest. 

In the history of philosophy and science, Epicurus is regarded as a key figure. He made the case that we should only base our beliefs on logic and empirical evidence, and he advanced the scientific theory of atomism. 

“Pleasure is our first and kindred good. It is the starting point of every choice and of every aversion, and to it, we always come back, inasmuch as we make feeling the rule by which to judge of every good thing.”

Since World Philosophy Day 2022 has a theme related to Epicurus and his write-ups and meaningful words, here are five books to read on the occasion of World Philosophy Day. 

  1. Ethics- Benedict De Spinoza

This was written by Benedict de Spinoza during the Age of Enlightenment. Due to its discussion of the foundations of rationality, Ethics predominated among the several prominent philosophy books that were produced at the time. Even if we have advanced past that, this school of thought’s new ideas can be introduced through ethics.

  1. Medications- Marcus Aurelius

The book concentrates on the innermost thoughts of the most powerful man on earth, who gives himself self-advice on how to fulfill his duties and obligations as a result of his position. These activities were created to help him become strong, patient, kind, giving, and modest in the face of whatever challenges he would encounter.

  1. Letters From A Stoic- Seneca

Seneca was a powerful and kind man in Rome- the kind of guy people go to for advice. Fortunately, a lot of his advice is contained in the letters that are included in this book. The letters themselves logical next step on how to deal with a variety of issues, including education, riches, success, failure, and bereavement.

  1. Nicomachean Ethics- Aristotle

Aristotle discusses the foundation of all Aristotelian ethics in this book. To put it another way, this book provides the ethical principles that serve as the cornerstone of virtually all of western civilization.

  1. On The Genealogy of Morals- Friedrich Nietzche

In this book, the author elaborates on the obscure proverbs he mentions in Beyond Good and Evil and provides a morality discussion in a book that is easier to understand than many of his earlier works.

Reading a philosophy book takes some time because it gives you a lot of information and raises a lot of questions. This World Philosophy Day 2022, You should take your time reading many of these philosophy texts, watch a few adaptations of philosophical movies, and go over those philosophical quotes and sayings. Additionally, your mind will continue to grow as you read.

Did we increase your already overflowing TBR list?

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