China Sending Monkeys In Zero Gravity To Test Survival 

zero gravity

The world is about to hit a population of around 8 billion pretty soon. And as climate change keeps warning us, there is indeed no Planet B. So save the one you’re living in right? Well, According to reports, China intends to send monkeys to its recently launched Tiangong space station to observe how they develop and breed in zero gravity. 

The experiment will be carried out in the most extensive module of the space station, which is primarily utilized for life sciences investigations. According to reports, Chinese scientists Zhang Lu-who previously led research for the space state will be citing and supervising this experiment. 

Mr. Zhang stated-, “some studies involving mice and macaques (monkeys) will now be carried out to see how they grow or even reproduce in space”. After studying smaller creatures like fish and snails. 

The project requires sophisticated and modern scientific equipment to first test the conditions and study the consequences. 

Why Monkeys?

Scientifically and Genetically, monkeys share the most similarities with humans in terms of reproduction, and other bodily functions. 

Additionally, Mr. Kee added that “these tests will be necessary” since “bigger animals, especially monkeys, shared more similarities with humans and because more governments are planning for long-term settlement in orbit around the Moon or Mars.”

Such experiments and trials really prove that the day isn’t far when we start to rehabilitate planets leaving our own. 

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