Ukraine Launches Crowdfunding Campaign “Buy Me A Fighter Jet”

Buy Me A Fighter Jet

After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine started in February, Ukrainian president Zelensky and the citizens are starting to fight for their country. And for defending their country they seek help from the outside world, at first, they raise funds from foreign aid and then they sell NFTs. Now they have launched a crowdfunding campaign “ Buy Me A Fighter Jet” program. Business Insider first reported a campaign featuring a Ukrainian pilot standing in front of a badly damaged jet, saying buy me a fighter jet. “It will help me to protect my sky filled with Russian planes that bomb my land, kill my friends, and destroy our homes and everything I have ever known.”

What does the campaign website ask?

The website asks about the very few types of fighter jets that Ukrainian pilots need. They are asking for Russian aircraft such as Su-22, Su-25, Su-27, Su-24, and MiG-29. It also quoted the pilots would be able to quickly master the American-made F15, F16, and F18. The website estimated the cost of one aircraft to be around $25 million.

Earlier, the Ukrainian military, said that they have been asking NATO to close the Ukrainian skies since the beginning of the invasion on February 24. If not at least provide them with additional fighter jets to match the Russian air force. But the governments of the world are afraid of escalation of the situation and the conflict may spread beyond Ukraine.

The campaign website invites people who are interested in assisting and could email for help finding, buying, and transferring a fighter jet to the country’s air force. Help with technical and legal issues will be provided, it says. There doesn’t appear to be an opportunity for individuals to make smaller donations. As of Sunday, Ukraine had received nearly $1 billion in help from companies and organizations. Bloomberg Philanthropies and Open Society Foundation donated $10 million and $25 million respectively. The IKEA Foundation donated $22 million, and the Red Cross donated $12 million.

Among celebrities who have donated, Actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively each funded $1 million via the United Nations’ refugee agency. Moreover, actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who was born in Ukraine, raised over $30 million, and Bethenny Frankel raised $85 million also.

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