NFL Squad Participates in AFE’s Pro Blitz Tour 2022

pro blitz tour 2022

As the Armed Forces Entertainment’s (AFE) Pro Blitz Tour kicks off on 2nd February 2022, The National Football League (NFL) team players, cheerleaders, and mascots will visit more than two dozen military bases around the world. 

In Pro Blitz Tour 2022, the troops and their family members will be able to have their 50-yard line and front row seats, attend clinics and parties, watch performances and hang out with NFL’s Hall of Famers.

Activities Held by NFL Squad 

While activities vary at different bases, there is something for military personnel and their family members. These activities are led by players and cheerleaders, focusing on teamwork and fitness. These activities are:

  • Basics of Football classes for Kids taught by NFL professionals.
  • The professional cheerleaders will teach their best moves and acrobatic routines to the kids.
  • The fans can meet, chat, take pictures and get autographs from their favourite players.

The roster of NFL Squad participating in Pro Blitz Tour 2022

This year’s tour includes the name of some famous NFL players, mascots, and cheerleaders. The Hall of Famers participating in the tour includes the Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX MVP: Richard Dent, a member of the Chicago Bears’ 1985 Super Bowl XX winning team: Jimbo Convert. Offensive Tackle Orlando Pace and Running Back Marshall Faulk, players of “Greatest Show on Turf”, a nickname given to St. Louis Rams will also bring games and plays to life for the American troops.

Retired but celebrated Canadian Football League player Emmanuel Arceneaux along with Washington Redskins’ Mike Nelms, and Ricky Sanders will also be participating in the tour. A Cornerback of the Atlanta Falcon, Josh Hawkins, and Minnesota Vikings Place Kicker Greg Joseph will also be a part of the Pro Blitz Tour 2022.

These NFL Legends will be accompanied by the mascots and cheerleaders to lift- up the crowd. The cheerleaders representing Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawk, Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colt, Minnesota Vikings, and Philadelphia Eagles will be showing their skills at the tour. Excitement will also be added by the animated mascots of the teams like Freddie Falcon of the Atlanta Falcons, Stanley Da Bear of the Chicago Bears, and Swoop of the Philadelphia Eagles

AFE Marketing and Business Analyst Brian Burke’s on Pro Blitz Tour 2022

According to Brian Burke football is admired by many American Military Personnel. So the Pro Blitz Tour 2022 will lift the spirits of the American troops. “This tour is a highlight for so many service members serving abroad, and is an excellent example of how these teams are giving back to our country,” he said.

Overseas activities kick off on February 2 and run through February 23, 2022. To see more details about the 2022 Pro Blitz tour, visit

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