Google’s Top 10 Halloween Costumes For 2023. What Are You?

Halloween Costume

Spooky Season is right upon us. The pumpkin sales are at an all-time high, and Netflix has a horror movie marathon lined up. Its Halloween time!

Our yearly celebration of the macabre, Halloween, has long served as a showcase for vampire fangs and ghost outfits. However, this year’s most well-liked costumes might appear slightly different.

Google Trends’ Frightgeist, which examines the most-searched costume ideas nationwide, lists Barbie, Spider-Man, and Wednesday Addams (from “The Addams Family”) as some of the most popular costume ideas in the US this year.

Halloween costume wear is much more than just trick or treating. Dressed for the occasion, adults, teachers, and even pets flaunt their festive looks at work, parties, charity drives, and of course, when they join in with the candy-collecting children.

However, the most popular Halloween costumes also change annually as a result of new films, TV series, songs, and other cultural touchstones.

Creepy-Creative Costumes

  • Barbie

Barbie makes top of the list, being one of the top movies in the world. From Stereotypical Barbie, to Werid Barbie, to Ken. The Barbie Movie has given the world a variety of easy costume ideas.

  • Oppenheimer

Barbenheimer on peak again. While dressing up as the guy who invented the atomic bomb can be rather simple (all you need is a suit jacket, tie, and top hat), we also offer “Barbenheimer,” a hybrid of Oppenheimer and Barbie.

  • Spiderman

“Spiderman: Across The Spiderverse” gave us Hobi, Gwenn, and a millions of Spider-people. The classic Spiderman costume is always one of the top choices for Halloween, but this year, the spectrum is much wider for Spiderman.

  • Wednesday Addams

Netflix stole the thunder from everyone’s favorite gothic costume for 2022 when it launched “Wednesday,” a spin-off of “The Addams Family,” in November of last year, after Halloween had already gone.

Wednesday Addams is finally receiving her due this year. In 2023, she ranks as the sixth most sought-after Halloween costume.

  • Witch

Being a witch for Halloween is just the perfect amount of Halloween energy. From Scarlett Witch, to Ursula, to The Wicked Witch of West! Just put on that pointy hat and shoot off on that broom!

  • Cowboy

Yeehaw! The cowboy or cowgirl attire will always be famous. There are many directions one can go with a cowboy costume.

  • Bunny

Who doesn’t like to be a bunny with a bushy little tail. A beloved costume this one.

  • Fairy

“She’s a Fairy!” You can not go wrong with a fairy costume on Halloween.

  • Taylor Swift

Miss Taylor Alison Swift being on tour has given the world more looks and costumes. Her previous eras are also a common costume for many fans.

  • Princess Peach

Princess Peach, the royalty of Super Mario, is ranked No. 13 on the list. Following the $1.36 billion box office success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, her fan base reached all-time highs. Many will probably decide to mimic the cartoon film’s royal style by donning a tiara on top of a majestic pink gown.

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