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As more and more Americans hit old age, concerns around activities of daily living (ADLs) are top of mind. Old age is the most vulnerable phase of a person’s life. These senior citizens spend their lives sacrificing and caring for their younger generation. It is the responsibility of society to take care of and cater to their needs. At this stage, when they are feeble, they depend on the next generation for some support and assistance with their daily life.

Many senior care organizations are coming forward to aid these senior citizens with their daily chores, medical appointments, etc. Franchising such businesses filled with humility can bring extra smiles to wrinkled faces. And if it provides an in-home care experience, would be the best possible. Here, In Home Personal Services, the leading senior care in-home service provider maintains the feeling of independence at home with the best care structure.

Talking about the journey as an entrepreneur, Michael A Collura, President and CEO of In Home Personal Services says, “We all want the same independence from our youth and the freedom to live our lives. The reality is we can still have those things as we age, even if we need a little help to get there.” Being intrigued by the social vision and philosophy that Michael possesses, we got an opportunity to interview him and share his caring thoughts through this article.

Please brief us in detail about the current scenario of the franchise business. How have the
customer preferences changed over the years?

The senior care industry is not just in a boom, it is a long-term and sustainable growth model within a high-demand industry. Economic, pandemic, and job market resistant the business model with In Home Personal Services has not just survived, it has thrived, over its decades-long run and today operates as one of the most forward-thinking and innovative brands available to prospective entrepreneurs today.

Could you please walk us through your educational/professional journey? What was the
the moment that triggered you to step into the franchise business?

Built by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs the franchise system has clear differences that favor the franchisee and their ability to grow and run their business free from many of the “normal” constraints often found within a franchise model. It is not just a franchisee-friendly brand, it promotes inclusion, cooperation, and control for the franchisees. This system was made for the entrepreneur looking to grow a business, not someone looking to purchase their next job. With a truly open environment, the franchisees themselves of the system have made many of the significant improvements to the system supported by the franchisor. A proven model, once again proving, is built for and made by the entrepreneur.

When was In Home Personal Services established? What are the prominent
services/solutions offered by the company?

One could say the company started unofficially in the early ‘90s when its Founder, Michael A Collura was first introduced to the senior care industry by his own Mother. Fast forward to 2004 and a brand of this size and scope was never intended. But when you do good and you do it this.

Well, growth comes naturally. Offering seniors, a true choice and with real flexibility, the
individualized care that was being offered was unlike anything else. No minimums, no contracts, no commitments, no kidding! In Home Personal Services provides the compassionate care one was seeking with the freedom and flexibility to make it their own. The clients and families identified the immediate difference and the brand quickly grew.

What measures do you incorporate to ensure motivation and productivity within the
workspace? How do you respond to criticism and disagreements?

The team itself drives the motivation to do good, the result and the feedback received show what In Home Personal Services provides matters. But the real strength behind the brand isn’t about the innovation. It’s about the people. Founder Michael Collura explains; “What we do is more than provide care to your loved one. We provide the safety, peace of mind, compassion, and independence we all crave. We all want to age with grace, dignity, and respect. We all want the same independence from our youth and the freedom to live our lives. The reality is we can still have those things as we age, even if we need a little help to get there. It is our team of care providers that make this a reality for countless seniors across the country today.”

What measures do you undertake to ensure optimum customer satisfaction? How much
impact does the customer feedback have on the company’s strategies?

As a leader, Michael A Collura has built a team around him to ensure quality and compassion drive the brand. The team throughout the entire brand is committed and he has one prevailing requirement of anyone on the team; “There is one single requirement and that is you must possess a genuine desire to care for the elderly. Without it, you will not make the impact or uphold our vision the way we have been entrusted to do so. This is how the quality and the ongoing commitment to the brand’s mission and vision is upheld.”

As a leader, how do you ensure hiring the ideal franchising candidate with the ideal
qualities? How do you ensure providing effective training and mentorship to the team?

With the expansion of the brand these values, and that same quality is at the top of the list of requirements for prospective franchisees. There is no other real requirement to join this amazing brand other than you must care about what you are doing. It seems like a radical and unconventional way to grow a brand- or is it? It may be the truly perfect means by which to convey and grow the brand’s mission without ever sacrificing what matters most. The work that is done, the care that is provided, and the lives that are impacted.

As a decorated leader, what would be your piece of advice for entrepreneurs seeking
careers in the franchise business?

“As an entrepreneur myself I can say this. Know what it is you want to out of this adventure and be honest with yourself. Knowing is half the battle. This way, you can plan and prepare as much as possible. After all, Be Prepared is the scout motto. You must realize and be prepared for everything else you do not, will not, and cannot foresee. Covid taught us all a tough lesson on readiness and the need to pivot or make the necessary changes. Be prepared.”

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