Indian Man Built own Private Plane, Traveling Europe with Family


The epidemic was surely a tiring period for many, but some took advantage of it by picking up new DIY hobbies and challenges. Take, for example, Ashok Aliseril Thamarakshan, a Kerala native living in the United Kingdom who took advantage of the opportunity to realize his ambition of having a private jet by actually building one!

When dream gives you wings

Everyone enjoys traveling, right? But have you considered building your own private plane at home to fulfill your dreams?

During the coronavirus curfew, the world was busy preparing Dalgona coffee and streaming movies or series, while Ashok Aliseril Thamarakshan was hard at work creating an aircraft. He is the son of MLA A V Thamarakshan, who came to the United Kingdom in 2006 to pursue his master’s degree after graduating from Palakkad Engineering College with a BTech.

During the 2020 lockdown caused by the coronavirus, Thamarakshan made the decision to construct a private aircraft. Thamarakshan built a four-seater airplane for his family’s vacation after spending over Rs 1.8 crore, 18 months, and around 1,500 hours.

Not just a backyard engineer

Ashok, who now works for Ford, stated that after obtaining his pilot’s license, he used to charter modest two-seater aircraft for vacations. However, as he looked at his family, he realized he wanted his private plane. On this plane, he’s flown all around the world. Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic are among the countries represented. He’s also traveled with his friends.

He said that the girls had only flown a few times previously, but never with their father as a pilot. As their first family vacation, the family booked a flight to Newquay.

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