International Dog Day: Use Your Voice As A True Dog Lover

International Dog Day

Imagine you have had a long day. You are drained out of all your energy. You climb up the stairs to your house and open the door. And a huge ball of fluff and excitement tackles you being ‘oh so happy seeing you have finally returned.’ And yet, you still have a pile of clothes in the hall. But who cares?  Having a little dog eagerly waiting for you makes one look forward to the rest of the day. Just like all the dog lovers look forward to International Dog Day on 26th August of every year!

Every year on the 26th of August, we celebrate International Dog Day in honor and adoration of these lovely four-legged sweet creatures.

Why This Day?

International Dog Day was first celebrated in 2004 by animal welfare activist and pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige. August 26th as a date is special to her as the activist’s family welcomed their first dog “Sheltie” on this very day. Colleen Paige says that the day is to “support all breeds and varieties of dogs.”

Colleen Paige also encourages people to say no to the purchase of dogs, as this leads to illegal and forceful breeding of dogs which is harmful to those innocent creatures. Adoption from ethical Rescue Homes is the way to go if one wants to get a dog. 

Our mission is to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year and acknowledge family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort,” says the official website of International Dog Day. 

Why Adopt Dogs?

By adopting and not “buying” a dog, you are giving a deserving animal another chance at happiness. Unfortunately, these dogs were abandoned or abused by their previous undeserving owners. Such incidents shook up these loving dogs from the inside. Some of these dogs reduce into their own shell and find it hard to trust new people.  

With a pinch of love and care, you will save their lives and get a cheerful and exciting ball of energy who will love you unconditionally. 

You also will be fighting against the cruel practice of breeding that traps these dogs and forces them to mate and produce. They are kept in filthy spaces where no one cares about them and are treated with nothing but cruelty. 

This International Dog Day, make sure you give a new and loving life to a cute little puppy.

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How To Play Your Own Part?

In case you come across a stray dog who looks like it is in need of help- injured, hungry, vailing; The best thing to do for a stray dog is to capture them and provide medical care that includes spaying or neuter procedures, vaccines, and finding the stray a home. However, if you are clueless about the resources and places this can be possible, One of International Dog Day’s prime focuses is to help all the dogs out there. 

  • Call a local Animal Rescue organization
  • Contact NGOs and activists in case you are observing abuse of any kind
  • Connect with dog shelters and NGOs

Street dogs, also known as stray dogs, are prevalent in certain communities, which can cause a range of issues, including the spread of contagious diseases, dog bites, and pet overpopulation. It is important to contact authorities to treat these dogs so that there is no danger to the ones around. These dogs mean no harm to any person. The surroundings they are living in, are probably where they were born. 

But it is important for them to be treated and vaccinated for overall sanitation and well-being.

Animal Activists and Rights Awareness

Animal rights activists are fighting for animals in a number of ways and in almost every region where animals are present. Regardless of the field, these activists seem to have some similar objectives and philosophies.

Animal rights activists believe that animals should be given more rights than they now possess and should be treated with respect. Consequently, activists devote their efforts to working to ensure that animals have respect and rights. Some activists participate in rallies and demonstrations that employ radical strategies that could lead to legal action.

If you are familiar with groups of Animal Activists, joining them and working for the well-being of animals is a noble deed to do. International Dog Day works with multiple rescue teams and activists to employ these practices and rights as soon as possible to every innocent creature living today.

If you wish to be one, here are some ways to get started

  • Educate Yourself Regarding the Issues
  • Make Lifestyle Changes
  • Take Part in the Cause Publicly 
  • Donate to Animal Rights Organizations

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