Is “Virtual RAM” a New Gimmick to Increase Smartphone Sales?

Virtual RAM

In recent years, the smartphone market has grown much faster where companies release new phones day after day with new marketing strategies and features. Some of the features are groundbreaking, some are making no sense and some literal gimmick means they work but not as the company shows.

Truth to The Gimmick

In recent times, the term “V-RAM” or “Virtual RAM,” company uses as their main highlight depicting that they could increase significant performance boost in mobile gaming but in reality that’s not true!. V-RAM uses an SD card or internal memory space as RAM for better temporarily storing background apps data for launching fast and giving a fast experience for only browsing or app launching speed. But the company charges extra money and says V-RAM is a new technology, increasing your phone RAM gives extra benefit in gaming FPS but in reality, this technology is way old from the era of rooting and custom ROMs.

This virtual RAM technology has a bad effect on your smartphone also. It uses your phone’s state drive space and this drive has a limited read-write speed and lifespan. By using virtual ram excessively it can cause a decrease in the speed of read-write speed and lifespan.

Is it Worthy?

Are we giving extra money for V-RAM? Is it worth it to pay extra money?

In my opinion, if you change your smartphone very often you don’t have to rely on virtual ram. But if you use your smartphones for more than 3 years go for a smartphone that has this feature but turn on the feature after using it for 2 years.

And also if you use a very old smartphone that doesn’t come with this feature you could manually turn it on or for better knowledge watch some youtube tutorials.

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