Namya Mahajan, A Nonprofit Entrepreneur Eased Preschool Learning to 800K Students

India is a growing country with a population of over 140 cr., the middle-class family child got peers before the first day of school due to a lack of preschools for mass. To solve this complex problem a nonprofit entrepreneur and founder Namya Mahajan came up with an Edtech solution, Rocket Learning. Namya’s Rocket Learning has already eased 800K child’s preschool learning issues in the past two years.

Namya Mahajan said“We’re focused on early childhood education, an area of the huge need in India. More than 70% of preschoolers in India receive no education at all before grade one. As you can imagine, the consequences are dire. Cognitive stimulation for 3 to 6-year-olds does so much more than prepare children for school.”

How does Rocket Learning bridge the learning gap?

After Mukesh Ambani’s jio hits, India has become online in almost every sector, now most people are aware and use a smartphone in their households. Rocket Learning is also aware of that scenario that’s why they use WhatsApp to meet parents and give them tasks. With the given task information any education level parent could work on with their child. After the task has been done Rocket Learning makes a report card according to the tasks and performance. With the report card in hand, parents feel more helpful and children are also used up with this method. Eventually, the issue of the preschool learning gap decreases.

Why does Namya Mahajan choose the non-profit model of business?

Rocket Learning was created with the belief that education is a fundamental right of every human being and with the Non-profit business model fulfilling that belief is easy. It would give space to giving solutions to needy parents. Since Rocket learning is tech-prioritized, scaling the solution is also very easy.

About Namya Mahajan

After pursuing an MBA from the Harvard school of business, she used to be the managing director of the Self-Employed Women’s Cooperative Federation (SEWA). SEWA supports more than 100 women’s cooperatives in the informal economy. Before that, she worked at McKinsey and Company as a management consultant. Soon after graduation, she Co-founded Rocket Learning.

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