Raj Subramaniam to Replace Frederick W Smith as the New CEO of FedEx

Raj Subramaniam

FedEx, the multinational e-commerce and transportation giant with a market share of 59.62B US dollars, will get its new CEO, an Indian American Raj Subramaniam. Frederick W Smith, Founder and CEO of FedEx announced on March 28, he will step down from this position on June 1.

Who is Raj Subramaniam?

Raj Subramaniam is an Indian descendant who studied B.tech, chemical engineering from IIT, Bombay 1987. Further studied at Syracuse University MS, chemical engineering 1989 and MBA, marketing and finance at the University of Texas, Austin.

Why is Raj Subramaniam?

Since he joined FedEx in 1991, served as executive vice president and chief marketing and communications officer of FedEx Corp., where he was responsible for the development of corporate strategy. Furthermore, served as the president of FedEx Express in Canada and in several other management and marketing roles throughout Asia and the US. Other than that, Subramaniam was elected to the board in 2020 and will retain his position as stated by the company.

He was connected to FedEx for 30 years. His leadership experience, keen business insights, and focus on globalization have contributed to the success of FedEx and provided a revolution to the transportation and logistics industry.

“As we look toward what’s next, I have a great sense of satisfaction that a leader of the caliber of Raj Subramaniam will take FedEx into a very successful future,” Smith said in a statement.

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