World’s First Metaverse with Built-In Protection for the Minors and the Planet


REHUMAN Inc. is a decentralized identity (blockchain identity) company with a mission to provide users with ownership over their personal data and digital lives. REHUMAN team is excited to reveal the world’s first immersive 3D metaverse with built-in user protection, compliance, and realistic graphics called REUNIVERSE. 

REUNIVERSE (Re Universe) is a digital twin of our planet with realistic graphics. It bridges the gap between the virtual world and the real world. Over the past few months, the REHUMAN team has developed this project in stealth mode. And the team is excited to share that the virtual world is already twenty times the size of Los Angeles in comparison to the real area. Making it the largest developed metaverse project in the market today.

REUNIVERSE features a marketplace for digital creations such as fashion, buildings, digital artifacts and play-to-earn games. Use case for virtual concerts, landmark tours, healthcare and more.

The project has already gained early adopters and is supported by pioneers from various sectors, ranging from Governments, law firms, blockchain companies, academic institutions, non-profits, influencers, and more.

Stay tuned for a further deep dive into the project through the upcoming documentary by REHUMAN. The documentary will highlight the use cases and the impact of the metaverse on our real-world economy and the future of jobs.

The documentary is a journey into the metaverse through interviews with experts at Dentons, Government of Alberta, Calaxy,, Brane Capital, Chainlink, Association for Military Spouse Entrepreneurs, Columbia University, and more.


• Own a piece of Web3
• AAA realistic graphics
• Decentralized
• Interoperable with other metaverses
• Mapped to the real world
• Protection for minors
• Build your digital avatar and take it with you to different platforms
• Turn your NFT into a playable character – Utility for the NFTs your already own
• Marketplace for creators and innovators
• KYC/ AML compliance built-in along with copyrights and privacy

The REUNIVERSE project is developed by a team with experience in the blockchain ecosystem since 2016. The REHUMAN team brings knowledge & expertise in areas, such as identity access management, cloud infrastructure, compliance, game design, and fashion.

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