Researchers Discover a 7,000-year-old Road Buried Under Sea in Croatia 

Coast Croatia

Off the coast of Croatia, researchers from the University of Zadar discovered a 7000 year old stone road buried in sea muck.

The Stone Age route may have formerly connected the island of Korcula to a now-submerged Neolithic settlement. Korula was connected to Croatia’s mainland before sea levels rose at the end of the last Ice Age (about 12,000 BC). The island developed some 8,000 years ago.

The Discovery 

The road was four metres (about 12 feet) wide. Radiocarbon analysis of conserved wood from Hvar culture settlement structures yielded the date 7,000 BCE.

Stone axes and flint tools have been discovered at several underwater locations around Korcula. An all-Croatian team of archaeologists from Croatia’s museums and universities oversaw the whole study project.

However, the Korcula road, which had intricate stone stacking and some form of substance to encapsulate the stones in their placements, was built roughly 1,000 years before Ur and Eridu, during an era when agriculture and animal domestication were still nascent or cutting-edge technologies.

More Uncovered Facts 

According to experts, the road, which is now roughly 5m (16ft) below sea level, was formerly part of an active site. Archaeologists are reportedly discovering more “strange structures” in the vicinity.

They discovered another town comparable to Soline on the other side of Korcula Island near Gradina bay.

The existence of another “almost identical” hamlet at a depth of 4-5m, comparable to the one in Soline, was discovered while diving and researching the middle portion of Gradina bay.

At the site, artefacts such as cream blades and a stone axe, as well as sacrificial fragments, were discovered.

According to experts, the Hvar people, one of the island’s original tribes of residents, were living in the region at the time.

The inhabitants of the period demonstrated resourcefulness by building a stone road to the man made island, according to the Miami Herald.Settlements have been found in this area dating back to the Stone Age.

Korcula is already a popular tourist attraction in Croatia. It appears that the ancients, like us now, were captivated by its beauty.

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