Technological Trends to Take Advantage in 2022

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2021 is a glorious year for technological advancements despite still having the pressing issues of the COVID-19 pandemic. Different industries have adopted and made specific changes in how they deal with things. In this article, we compile these technological changes that have been transformed into trends, so you can utilize them and get an edge over the competition.

Bots are the Future of Customer Service

Virtual chatbots are taking over websites in 2021. While live agent customer support is still a thing, we can expect to see more bots in the future, perhaps sharing the job with their human counterparts. The best thing about customer support bots is that they can learn to communicate better with visitors of the website without any effort.

It’s also less hassle for the website visitors as they will usually only choose among 2-3 options, which helps narrow down their concerns a lot faster.

Cross-platform Applications Will Take Over

Mobile applications are evolving with every year that passes. One remarkable change that we might be seeing more in 2021 is the domination of mobile apps on other platforms. This is all thanks to the flexibility of their coding and framework that can be easily operated on different platforms simultaneously. This gives developers various advantages, mainly in the sense of updating the application without doing extra work.

Implementation of other advanced technology like augmented reality and virtual reality might also be worth noting here. While mobile phones are still not fully ready for AR and VR commercially, many manufacturers do their best to push their products to do new things.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing

AI has been a scorching topic in tech for years. Many people questioned its capabilities; most doubted if it would ever improve and catch up to the technology. Through research and the hard work of different people, AI has progressed into something even more than we can think of. As of the moment, AI is being used in many fields of technology.

One of the main focuses of researchers is using AI for data processing to make things faster for businesses and having them able to look at accurate and valuable data.

Like it or not, AI is here with us to stay, and it will only improve even more as the years pass by.

Voice Recognition and Command

Another byproduct of the betterment of AI is voice recognition and command. Through proper coding and machine learning, voice functionality can be a powerful asset to your business, especially if you’re taking advantage of multi-platform applications since it is where they will be used most of the time.

Back then, voice recognition was very wonky, as it would only pick up certain words, and sometimes it’s even incorrect. As of the time of writing, however, voice recognition has evolved way past just one word. AI voice recognition can efficiently function even by giving them sentences to process. A good example is Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s phone Assistant. Both of which have helped millions of people and made their daily lives a lot more hassle-free.

E-learning and Online Courses

E-learning has certainly pushed boundaries within the past five years. Colleges and universities aren’t the only options left to acquire new knowledge. Thanks to the internet, learning is now possible through different mediums such as live teaching and even video recorded ones.

Online courses are also skyrocketing in demand because of how straightforward it is. Students may choose what pace they’re willing to commit to finishing a single course. Having this control is essential and should always be considered when considering what new technology to add to your arsenal.


It’s easy to jump into trends and copy what everyone else is doing. These tech trends are brilliant, and there’s no question about that, but the execution is always crucial. Understand what certain techs your business needs and focus on that first before hopping onto another one.

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