The Invention That Could Make 3D Glasses a Thing of The Past

3D Glasses

3D movies allow our imaginations to run wild, resulting in visuals that are almost tangible. “3D” now provides more distinctive and interesting experiences than ever before. But who invented the term and where did they originate from?

The ingenuity and epoch of 3D

While the usage of 3D technology is becoming increasingly popular, they have really been around for quite some time. Charles Wheatstone invented the stereoscope in 1838, based on the concepts of stereopsis, or the capacity to detect depth. It was a large machine that resembled a flat board with mirrors or lenses protruding from it, yet it was a technological marvel for its day.

While most people believe that 3D movies were invented in the last 40 or 50 years, you may be surprised to learn that the first 3D film was released in 1922. Since then, 3D technology has shifted in and out of favor every few years. The biggest boost in 3D popularity came from James Cameron’s Avatar film. With the explosion of popularity in the twenty-first century, 3D technology appears to be here to stay, with nearly every movie available in both digital and 3D in most theatres.

Hate 3D glasses but love 3D effects?

Watching films in 3D has become a regular part of our movie-going experience, thanks to high-profile blockbusters like Avatar and Gravity—and for good reason, as 3D adds depth and excitement that traditional filming cannot match.

Unfortunately, the 3D experience can also bring about headaches, both literal and metaphorical. Attempting to fit 3D glasses over your eyes may be difficult, painful, and impracticable for many individuals 

This prototype might have us saying Sayonara to 3D glasses!

Do you dislike 3D glasses yet enjoy 3D effects? One Disney innovation might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

We’ve looked at some of Disney’s most astounding technology, including patents that suggest what the parks’ future may look like. But now we’re looking at a unique patent that might add 3D effects to your park experience in a whole new way.

In 2022, we got to examine Disney’s application, which they dubbed a “continuation” of a previous patent submitted in 2020. The invention relates to showing 3D graphics in a physical set in order to create an AR or VR-like experience WITHOUT the usage of glasses.

In discussing the necessity for the invention, Disney mentions a variety of situations in which it is “desirable” to produce visual presentations to engage viewers. They point out that at a theme park, for example, there may be rides or walk-through experiences where people are amused by a virtual impact. However, the set or experience might be improved if they could make a display with 3D pictures, and it would be even better if that display could be done without requiring the guest to wear any type of special equipment.

This is all about developing a visual effect system that enables the generation of virtual pictures that are observable from particular eye boxes, according to Disney’s continuation of its prior patent. All of this would be linked to a system that could track the viewers’ gaze.

Essentially, it might allow virtual pictures (such as those seen with 3D glasses) to be retroreflected to specific places, eliminating the need for 3D spectacles. To get things perfect, the visitor would be positioned (maybe on a ride vehicle seat or in a certain standing point), and eye or face location sensors would establish the location of the viewers’ eyes 

After determining where the viewers’ eyes are, the system will project left and right pictures of an AR item, and the guest will see the AR object with the correct dimensions for where their eyes are, while simultaneously observing the actual space. So, given the right vantage point, the actual area would be supplemented with virtual items!

To make things work, the system includes a projection screen and a beamsplitter.

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