UK Man Sues Apple for $6.3M After iMessages Expose Infidelity


A British man is claiming that he thought he had kept his cheating secret. Now he is said to be taking action against Apple for $6.3 million after it came out that some conversations were not removed from his phone leading to a messy separation. 

According to the man, he told The Times first that it happened through their shared iMac used by his wife while getting services from people offering sex for money among other things. 

This is because even though those are gone from my cell phone memory they still show up on your Apple I synced with a common device.”

The unnamed man has enlisted the help of London-based legal practice Rosenblatt to file a lawsuit against Apple. He argues that Apple’s messaging system lacks clarity regarding deleting messages across devices. According to him, the iMessages’ syncing functionality needed to be clearly explained, leading to his unexpected exposure.

The Case for Clarity

“If you are told a message is deleted, you are entitled to believe it’s deleted,” he told The Times. “If the message had said: ‘These messages are deleted on this device,’ that would have been a clue. ‘These messages are deleted on this device only’ would have been a much clearer indicator.”

He believes that if his wife had not discovered the messages in such a shocking manner, there might have been a chance to salvage the marriage. “It was a very brutal way of finding out,” he said. “If I had been able to talk to her rationally, I might still be married.”

Pursuing a Class-Action Lawsuit

Apart from his lawsuit, he is thinking of a class-action lawsuit that might cover other individuals who could have faced similar circumstances due to Apple’s syncing technology. With this in mind, he is out to expose Apple and call for others to team up with him through litigations.

His case stresses that it is very important for tech products to communicate effectively about their functionality, especially as regards privacy and data management. If he presses charges there will be far-reaching consequences for technology firms and their duties towards users.

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