10 AdTech Companies in the USA With Unique Solutions in 2023

10 Best Ad Tech Companies in the USA Provide Unique Solutions in 2023

Over the past ten years, the US ad tech market has experienced phenomenal development. The market size of the American tech sector is predicted to reach over $22 billion by 2023. Adtech companies are rising to the top. This statistic is influenced by many variables, including the rising popularity of programmatic advertising, the expanding usage of digital marketing channels, and the spread of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The top ad tech companies are in constant R&D to further improve themselves and the field.

Adtech, or advertising technology, is a collection of software programs and tools that publishers and advertisers use to optimize their ad campaigns, increase income from ad inventory, and improve ad targeting.

Ad agencies in turn provide Ad tech solutions for addressable TV, programmatic advertising, audience and ad targeting, ad measurement, and more. These public Ad tech companies provide calculated solutions.

Additionally, Adtech companies firms have created sophisticated data and analytics capabilities that enable them to assess the success of their campaigns and utilize the information to improve their tactics. They now have a better knowledge of their audiences and the outcomes they produce because of this.

Additionally, the top Adtech companies have created user-data-integrated marketing automation tools that enable brands to customize consumer experiences.

1. Copy.AI

Copy AI is an AI-powered tool that offers organizations a platform to create excellent and successful marketing material. With the help of Copy.AI, businesses can increase engagement and conversion rates on social media by working with agencies, copywriters, and E-Commerce enterprises.

Founders- Paul Yacoubian and Chris Lu.

Milestones- SOC Type II complaint following American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
10,000,000+ users including Nestle and Ogilvy.

2. Moloco

One of the greatest public Adtech companies, Moloco has frequently been honored for its accomplishments and expansion by rating organizations such as the Singular ROI Index Report, Deloitte Technology Fast 500, and others. Utilizing machine learning to its fullest potential, Moloco enables programmatic optimization of acquisition, retention, and monetization for mobile enterprises.

Founders- David Sehyuk Park, Ikkjin Ahn.

Milestones- Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Finalist of Effective Mobile Marketing Awards 2021, Certified Good Place to Work Nov 2022-Nov2023.


It is simple to purchase smartphone and tablet ad impressions in real-time within applications games, and mobile websites. BYYD provides advertising traffic thanks to the company’s cutting-edge mobile advertising technology enabling real-time mobile inventory. International companies including Peugeot, Microsoft, and Unilever are among BYYD’s partners. Being one of the top Adtech companies, they have advertised 800+ brands.

Founders- Ruslan Kuvaev.

4. Cazarin

Small and large businesses of all sizes may benefit from the promotional and digital tools Cazarin Interactive offers to help them succeed in marketing. It provides a broad range of services, including website design, print material, branding, email marketing, search engine optimization, and online apps. It is one of the top public Adtech businesses.

A special combination of website design, creative, and technology solutions provided by Cazarin propels both big and small organizations toward predetermined objectives. They have produced effective websites and marketing strategies for over 25 years that boost revenue and establish companies.

Founder- Ricardo Ortizcazarin.

Milestones- Clutch verified. Sharpspring Platinum Partner.

5. Offeo

A tool for making Facebook and Instagram marketing videos is called Offeo. The platform includes a music library with more than 1,000 songs and more than 1,000 video templates. The program can play films up to three minutes long in square, vertical, or landscape orientation.

Also includes an AI function that automatically downloads photographs from websites. and films that were created automatically. About 3,550 clients contributed to Offeo’s $600K in income last year.

Founder- David Lee, Clement Chia.

Milestones- 300,000+ collaborated businesses.

6. Taboola

Taboola is a platform for content discovery that connects users to intriguing, pertinent information. The firm, which was established in 2007, has operations in more than 200 nations and offers over one billion recommendations per day through its network of websites. Taboola has grown to be a significant participant in the Internet advertising business by giving its customers personalized suggestions. These top Adtech companies utilize a proprietary algorithm to determine the articles and web pages to be recommended to readers/viewers.

Founders- Adam Singolda.

Milestone- 500+ Daily users and 500,000 recommendations per second.

7. VideoAmp

The software and analytics startup VideoAmp is redefining how media is priced, purchased, and sold through the development of a more sophisticated data-driven advertising ecosystem.

This leading provider of Adtech offers measurement and optimization technologies that connect audiences from previously divided ad channels including traditional TV, streaming video, and huge web and social media. The public Adtech company is well-known for its sophisticated data-driven advertising ecosystem that transforms how media is priced, purchased, and sold. It has $78.6M in sales and $456.6M in investment.

Founder- Ross McCray.

8. Ogury

The pioneer in personified advertising, Ogury, has developed a ground-breaking advertising engine that offers targeting based on personas rather than actual people and on the locations where these personas consume content. Being one of the top Adtech companies, their solutions are quite exceptional.

With Ogury, advertisers receive completely visible, powerful advertisements, future-proof targeting, and unshakable security. Publishers reap the benefits of a considerate user experience, additional income, and premium demand. Ogury, a worldwide company with 500+ employees in 17 locations and 100 engineers, was founded in 2014.

Founder- Thomas Pasquet, Jean Canzoneri.

Milestones- Received Top-50 Tech companies, Thomas Pasquet awarded Top 50 Tech Visionaries Award.

9. Sourcepoint

Sourcepoint provides a plethora of solutions to manage compliance, safeguard user privacy, and boost sales. Advertisers will have access to more distinctive and secure data thanks to a new “privacy lens” function. Recently, the company bought The StoneHill Group to enhance its mortgage-selling offerings.

Founders- Ben Barokas, Brian Kane.

10. GetVantage

GetVantage is a financial institution that offers small and medium-sized enterprises revenue- based financing options for advertising. Using its platform, it gives companies access to finance without the requirement for collateral based on their expected income and potential for expansion. The goal of GetVantage’s financing solutions is to assist businesses in overcoming cash flow issues and achieving their marketing growth goals.

Founder- Amit Srivastava, Bhavik Vasa.

Milestones- Top 50 Startups at WorldFestival StartUp Awards 2022.

The US IT sector is anticipated to keep expanding quickly in 2023. To make use of the data from digital advertising campaigns, businesses are using new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. For a wider audience and more precise targeting of potential buyers, advertisers are now turning more and more to programmatic buying and digital video advertisements.

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