10 Sinead O’Connor Quotes To Remember The Great Singer

10 Strong Sinead O’Connor Quotes To Remember The Great Singer

Sinead O’Connor is a name on everyone’s minds in remembrance of a legendary singer and activist. Unfortunately, the world lost this gem at the age of 56. The Irish singer is best known for the 1990 song Nothing Compares 2 U which peaked at number one and gained her international recognition.

Her relatives broke the news, stating “her family and friends are devastated,” “with great sadness.” It is unknown what caused the death.

She spent her adolescent years at Dublin’s An Grianan Training Centre, which was formerly one of the notorious Magdalene Laundries and was built to house young girls who were believed to be promiscuous.
Midway through the 1980s, the Grammy-winning Irish singer found success with her cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” which made her famous. However, O’Connor’s career wasn’t without controversy because she was renowned for putting her convictions ahead of the views and standards of the business.

As we remember this great personality, let us read through some of her thoughts which are immortalized in the form of quotes and statements.

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  1. Starting with this Sinead O’Connor quote, she was a woman firm on her beliefs and opinions. Not caring about the repercussions it may bring, she will never abandon her beliefs. She also passes the same message onto others, to stand firm and confident in your ideals.
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2. As a dedicated artist, she always hoped her music made her listeners feel confident and strong. Through Sinead O’Connor’s documentary, “Nothing Compares”, she broadcasts the message that one should feel proud and be who we are.

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3. The concept of bravery is often confused with being fearless, Sinead O’Connor tries to say. Being brave enough to take that step doesn’t mean you won’t be terrified. But it means you will move forward regardless of your fears.

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4. Music heals. Sinead O’Connor was a renowned musician. Music is proven to change auras, moods, and feelings. Listening to songs and music can make one feel inspired, strong, and empowered. It can give hope to people to keep going.

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5. With this Sinead O’Connor quote, she says that people are unique, but the same. How? Humans at the base, want the same basic needs. The same aspirations and inspirations. It is the way we initiate those desires that make humans unique.

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6. Another Sinead O’Connor quote shows how much of a passionate singer she was. When she performs, she is in a state of solitude with all her senses calm. That is what happens when we do what we love- solitary and satisfaction.

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7. Through the Sinead O’Connor documentary, “Nothing Compares”, she talks a lot about her journey through and with music. Through her experiences, she believed that music is made from personal experiences for personal experiences. Be it any scenario, or event, there will be a song that translates it.

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8. When musicians, or any artist, sits down to create, quite often they leave a piece of themselves in it. In doing so, Sinead O’Connor thinks her music has healed her in a lot of ways.

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9. Resonating with her previous quote, Sinead O’Connor firmly preaches about self-esteem and mental health. She actively advocated the importance of being your true and best self.

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10. Quite the philosophical Sinead O’Connor quote, but after all she is a singer-songwriter. Often people say “We are here for a reason”, and that can be extremely confusing. What is the reason? What is the purpose? It is a tough code to crack. But we all do eventually!

Sinead O’Connor was a vocal supporter of women’s reproductive rights and freely discussed her choice to have an abortion in 1990 after becoming pregnant as expected. Her experience with an abortion served as the inspiration for the song “My Special Child,” which is on her successful album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.

As we all remember her, it is for her music, her efforts, and + for the inspiring and inspired person she was.

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