Technavio’s E-learning Market in the UK to Grow by $9.94 Billion

E-learning Market

The UK e-learning market is expected to grow  USD 9.94 billion from 2020 to 2025. Further, the growth momentum of the market will accelerate to reach a CAGR of 15.05% during the forecast period. The UK e-learning market is fragmented and vendors promote their product offerings with a clear and unique value proposition to compete in the market.

Driver: E-learning market in the UK

The rise of the e-learning market in the United Kingdom is being fueled by improvements in the academic sector. To fulfill the demands of their teaching schedules and support teachers’ learning styles, schools are using personalized learning and job-embedded professional learning. In educational institutions, various sorts of assessment systems have been implemented. As a result, innovations like personalizing learning processes and adaptive learning have gained traction. Furthermore, e-learning allows students to pursue courses outside of the typical curriculum requirements by providing a flexible method of learning different disciplines. E-learning courses provide a flexible timeframe that allows students to get immediate access to course materials based on their needs. Market expansion will be aided by such factors.

Challenge: E-learning market in the UK

The rise of in-house content development will put pressure on the UK e-learning market. To complement online platforms, blended e-learning necessitates online study materials and accompanying services. Companies and universities such as Tesco and the Open University are personalizing the digital learning experience through updates, variants, and translations utilizing e-learning content development tools such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Gomo Learning. These tools aid in the creation of course content, the updating of modifications, and the management of the curriculum. In-house content producers collaborate with instructors to design a few courses, which they then add various graphics and videos to and tweak based on learner engagement and feedback. Because course content can be generated by in-house subject matter experts, this presents a problem for third-party content producers. The challenge will be the increased development in the in-house course content.

Key Vendor Analysis

To compete in the UK’s fragmented e-learning market, providers are promoting their product offerings through a clear and unique value proposition. The following are some of these vendors’ products:

Adobe Inc. – Through its adobe captivate program, the corporation provides e-learning.

Cengage Learning Holdings II Inc. – Provides e-learning courses in a variety of subjects, including social science, computing, mathematics, and others.

The City & Guilds Group – offers a variety of e-learning courses, including apprenticeships, technical training, and more.

Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. – Through its ACME division, the firm provides e-learning.

D2L Corp. is an e-learning platform that caters to schools, higher education, corporate learning, associations, and workforce upskilling.

Segmentation Analysis

The e-learning market in the United Kingdom has been divided into packaged content and solutions. The market has also been categorized by end-user into K12, higher education, and corporate.

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