Reveals A New Cause of Less Dating. And It’s Not What You Think!

As you grow older, you start to feel the need to go out there, meet new people, and as people like to call it “explore and expand horizons”. Forming a connection with an unknown individual in your life feels relaxing and warm when you talk and get to know the little things about them. The little moments that make bellies flutter. The shy smiles and the shining eyes. 

But in such phases, people don’t seem to realize the plethora of things and activities that come with meeting or dating someone. There are fancy dates, regular meet-ups, little gifts, birthdays, and whatnot. Dating someone can be heavy on that wallet of yours. 

That is what has to say after their survey about the impact of rising inflation and economic uncertainty on the dating lives of people. is the parent company behind several dating hubs and sites with offices and experts in several countries. Within the past three months, 47% of respondents reported that they would prefer saving their money rather than going on a date and splurging. 

Why Are Dates So Expensive?

A Date usually includes picking someone up, a dinner or any eating scenario, or purchase of tickets and other things on the itinerary. It seems like this is the limit of the “romantic ideas” one can think of. “With prices of everything around us increasing rapidly, makes such events quite expensive. Managing the whole Date night may result in pooling in savings from months prior.

The increase in prices of food, gas, clothing, and many other products and services has left singles rethinking their usual dating habits and patterns as they make an effort to save money. – Maria Sullivan, Dating Expert and Vice President of 

A Way To Meet Halfway?

The main reason why people find dates so expensive is because of the concept that dates can only compromise a fancy place and nothing else. There are way too many couple date ideas in this world to spend time together without spending your precious savings and connecting with the person on new levels.

  • Go to a Bookstore

This is literally one of the cutest dates ever. You can exchange book choices to get to know each other. Book Choices say a lot about a person. 

  • Picnics

Grab a mat and a few easy snacks. Talk your heart out while also watching the sunset together.

  • Go for a Hike or a Run

Exercise plus Spending Time together- A package deal if you may. 

So to all the single people out there, the next time someone asks you, “Why are you still single?” Just smile and say you are just being economically cautious. 

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