The Public Has Spoken: Musk’s Stepping Down As Twitter CEO Gains Majority “Yes”

Elon Musk

Well Well Well. Has the Elon Musk-Twitter story been updated with a new chapter? Musk implemented several controversial policies after owning the social media platform. The media, the European Union, and even the United Nations were outraged by his move to suspend the accounts of many journalists who were covering Twitter.

The Twitter Poll Mayhem

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, started a poll asking people if they thought he should step down as the platform’s leader. 

In a rather hilarious turn of events, more than half of respondents to the poll said they wanted Musk to leave his position as Twitter’s CEO. The decision was supported by more than half of those who participated in the poll.

Elon Musk had stated that he would follow the poll’s results, but he did not specify when he would resign if the results indicated that he should.

The Twitter Responses Mayhem

Of course, after Elon Musk got the witty community of Twitter a golden-plated chance with this poll, there were lines and lines of hilarious tweets and videos for the same. 

One user comments that no matter what the result is, we will get to see Elon as the CEO till he finds a “devoted successor.”

Another one used a Family Guy clip to describe the situation. 

This one user has a rather quick solution for Elon Musk for getting the desired result of the poll- to keep extending it till he gets a higher percentage for “no.” 

In anticipation of Musk stepping off from Twitter, Tesla shares surged. Before regular trading on Monday began, the price of Tesla’s stock increased by as much as 5.3%. Since Musk revealed in early April that he had purchased a stake in Twitter, the shares have fallen 58%, outperforming the 15% decline in the S&P 500 Index.

“It appears Musk’s reign as CEO of Twitter will come to an end and thus be a major positive for Tesla’s stock, starting slowly remove this albatross from the story.” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said in a note. 

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