Joule’s Clean Energy Programs Save New York $7 Million

Joule's Clean Energy

As electricity charges skyrocketed through the primary months of 2022, Joule estimates that its electricity supply chain helped clients save $7 million from July 2021 through February 2022. The $3.4 million in financial savings accruing in February sprang up from its individuals in the Central Hudson valley application zone because of the application’s anticipated 46% price hike for electricity.

In Rockland Country, Joule’s clean energy program individuals saved more than $2 million through January 2022 because of the Programs’ launch. November 2021, before this year, citizens and organizations were taking benefit in their municipal smooth electricity program by buying electricity supply or subscribing to a solar farm through Joule Assets. And through Joule Community Power they have together stored greater than $2.3 million since the first program enrollment was released in July 2019 through the end of the year 2021.

Joule’s other initiatives

In addition to this, the program also offers environmental benefits. Joule program participants have collectively helped us avoid more than 650,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions since July 2019,  equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 825,000 acres of forest in one year.

Joule’s 2022 Expected Launches to 56,000+ Households

Town of Black Brook

Village of Canton

Town of Gardiner

City of Geneva

Town of Henrietta

Village of Highland Falls

Town of Highlands

Village of Honeoye Falls

Village of Nelsonville

Town of Rhinebeck

Town of Roseboom

Village of Saugerties

Town of Southampton

Village of Suffern

Town of Waddington

Village of West Haverstraw

These expanded offerings are not in isolation. Our communities are leaders in smart sustainable solutions. They have led in the State, and they have led in the nation. Guaranteed savings, fully renewable power, fixed prices to protect residents’ pocketbooks against global instability, state and federal grants for microgrids and for energy storage. – Mike Gordon, Joule Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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