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Annesa D'souza
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Companies may come and go with the times, just like civilizations can. Great leadership is the key to those, nevertheless, that endure for centuries. The skills of great leaders include inspiring people to see and share a vision as well as driving innovation inside the organization. Investors, customers, and employees all desire a strong leader at the helm.

Identical to this perspective,  Annesa Dsouza has an independent personality and a positive, vivacious, goal-oriented, trustworthy, thorough, and transparent living demeanor.

Her objectives are to serve stakeholders, employers, and business partners in their endeavors to the best of her ability.

Annesa’s backdrop, educational and professional journey

Laying roots in middle-class families, when our only focus, is whether we can do the daily tasks in time and get a good night’s sleep, nothing else really counts! We are grateful when our modest dreams come true, and that is all we strive for!

Annesa Dsouza is a convent student with a dual professional degree, qualified Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA), and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and her parents are proud with her growth in life and career. Up until this point, she has successfully constructed and regulated the finance departments of age-old organizations, six start-ups at once, including some overseas, and the Swiss company she currently serves for. In the manufacturing and service industries, she has over 25 years of experience in the full operation of accounting, capital raising, treasury, budgeting, MIS reporting, asset and financial controls, ERP implementation, audit, taxation, compliances, and risk management.

Kick-starting into the manufacturing industry and building up the financial management team

Money is the foundation of finance, and numbers are fascinating because they tell a tale. This is true for Annesa because when she sees numbers, she can understand what they are saying quickly and put it in phrases.

After having ten years of experience in the service industry, she was chosen to lead the Treasury operations of a new manufacturing startup. This was the beginning of her journey into the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is the process of converting inexpensive raw materials into large quantities of more valuable goods. The secondary sector’s manufacturing industries are those that turn raw materials into finished commodities. It is very astonishing how transformation is accomplished with large machinery and meticulous engineering. This is what encourages and motivates her.

The path was taken to reach the desires

Contrary to popular belief that finance and accounting become boring with time. Annesa believes that F&A has evolved over the last few decades, from simply writing books of accounts to ERPs for accounting, financial management of funds, internal controls, risk analysis, treasury management, smart accounting, vendor and customer integration, sharing and applying best practices across businesses, and many other things. And it is because of this that she has remained committed to the field of finance and accounting. She stated correctly, “Every day a new challenge awaits you, and you apply your skill and experience to bring the best to the table.”

Leading and managed by Annesa

Leadership is a critical management function that assists an organization in directing its resources for goal achievement and increased efficiency. Annesa is an influential leader who understands how to motivate those around her. She tries to follow an inclusive leadership style, which aids in better delegation and a place for all. Teams are also motivated to contribute to their field of expertise. She believes that leaders should focus on KPI, or Keep People Inspired, as against the traditional Key Performance Indicators.

Adjusting to the dynamics and how Annesa is using them in the curriculum

Change is both imminent and unavoidable. It is believed that the most adaptable to change are the one’s who will survive the times. Emerging technology will have an impact on all types of businesses. Interactive technologies that you have yet to imagine could completely reshape your business. You are giving your competitors an advantage in the digital world if you do not keep up with technological trends. Building a successful business relies on cutting-edge technology and your ability to reach out to more people in novel and creative ways.

Simply put, Technology and communication are constantly evolving and, thankfully, improving.

Knowing about the latest technological advancements allows you to stay on top of the industry and contribute to its growth. Annesa, as an influential and up-to-date personality, understands the importance of keeping updated with technological trends.

Technological advancements have aided her in the elimination of errors and manual interventions, saving her a significant amount of time and energy.

Raising voice to help others grow

Annesa shows faith and states that knowledge may be powerful, but it is far more potent when shared! When only one person knows how to do something, others are unable to develop and your organization’s progress is hampered.

There is great comfort in being able to open up and share your knowledge and experience with someone who has been there and understands. Hearing advice from someone who has been in your shoes and lived to tell the tale is also extremely valuable. That is why people must open up and share their stories.

The act of sharing knowledge is great for building rapport and relationships because it gives people a warm fuzzy feeling when they share their wisdom or pick up on the wisdom of others.

But it gets better: Cultivating a knowledge-sharing culture gives you access to subject matter experts! People across the organization will have developed skills and best practices that are specific to your product and customer; when they share their experiences, others can skip the trial and error phase and get right to productivity.

Annesa also believes that knowledge grows only by sharing. Years of experience and problem-solving will die if it is not utilized and shared with others.

Differentiating between Work and family life

Annesa always ties the knot to priority. What is in front of someone, they should perform it first. Moreover, don’t combine the two. Give both your attention since they are both crucial. Aspire, but do not sacrifice your family for it! Take use of any assistance you can obtain from your parents, nannies, daycare facilities, employment, etc. There is no such concept of work-life- balance- it is all life. The balance has to be within you.

Diving into Annesa’s outside of work

Someone rightly said, it can be coins or sports or politics or horses or music or faith… the saddest people are the ones who don’t care deeply about any hobbies at all. Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand.

Annesa Dsouza is a prime example of maintaining parity between leisure time and hard work. Apart from her excellence in the market, she also has an interest in music, dance, books, and cooking.

The drill for the Womenfolk

Annesa peruses a tremendous persona. She says that one can achieve the desired goal by peddling on the path, patiently. Learning, Aspiring and hardwork are key determinants to yield success. Best things come to those who don’t give up.

Lesson for the Youth by the great heads

Annesa says a nation’s overall, and particularly its economic development, depends on its manufacturing sector. A nation’s economic strength is determined by the growth of its industrial sectors. Additionally, being a member of this industry makes one feel a part of something that is getting created daily. the new manufacturing reality is : clean and lean facilities with highly-skilled employees implementing advanced technologies and processes, which is really interesting engineering. “Working in manufacturing keeps you active.” And lastly statistics prove that manufacturing is a powerhouse that isn’t going anywhere and Youth will be its users in the future.

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