10 Best Indian Horror Movies to Watch to Know Your Fear

Best Indian Horror Movies

When the sun sets down darkness rises and so are our creepy thoughts about movie watching. Most people, prefer to watch a horror/thriller genre movie or show at night. It’s all psychological! And what could be the best if it’s Halloween 2021. The dark thing is Indian horror movies have been kept away from the lists of most people around the world. Maybe it’s just because of lack of knowledge that the country with its versatile regional industries offers some of the best Indian horror movies you can watch this Halloween.

Here are some of the quality horror movies ever made in India.

Tumbbad (2018): One of the best Indian horror movies, Tumbbad is a spine-chilling tale of greed and its repercussions. A father-son story revolves around a folk tale of a legendary god who was never worshiped because of his greed sets the context. The father was obsessed with mythical ancestral treasure until he unearths the biggest secret of all, something more valuable than the treasure itself!

Stree (2018): Stree is an experimental horror-comedy movie from Raj & DK, a rare genre-bender. This movie is loosely based on a female spirit whose visits spooked the nation in the late ’10s. Called ‘Stree’, she visits the town during certain holy days of the year to prey on the town’s men. She calls out her victims with a lovely voice, which they can’t ignore and turn back. But here’s the catch, if they turn, they’re taken away with no clothes.

13B: Fear Has A New Address (2009): Many films have been declared flops at the beginning but eventually became cult classics. 13B is one of them because it’s 2021 and still one of the best Indian horror movies. The movie is about TV serial characters who are spirits in reality and want to take revenge on their enemies. This national award-winning movie will keep you stick to the edge of the seat with its brilliant editing and BG score.

Pizza (2012): While most of the new-age films are related to drama, comedy, and sci-fi, Pizza is very rare and ingenious. The movie tells you a story of a pizza-delivery guy who gets entangled in a story of horror, love, and deception. The first part is a juxtaposition of initiation, life, and horror. While the second half is where it gets horrid, severe, and mind-blowing. 

Bees Saal Baad (1962): Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had penned one full-fledged novel – The Hound of The Baskervilles. Bees Saal Baad (After Twenty Years) is a Hindi movie adaptation of the novel. Popularized as spine-chilling, this movie is about the spirit of a girl raped by his grandfather who is seeking revenge from the males of the family. The movie is worth a watch because of the brilliant on-screen chemistry of the leads and suspenseful environment.

Kaun? (1999): A young woman is alone in the house and a serial killer is in the city who kills people by getting into their house. Suddenly there is knocking on the door by some stranger. Is he the same killer? ‘Kaun’ (who) is a psychological thriller movie with an intriguing screenplay written by Anurag Kashyap. It’s the ending that truly astounds the viewer – the hallmark of a true classic. The genre was new and experimental but turned out to be one of the best Indian horror movies of all time.

Raat (1992): Raat is a quality Indian psychological horror/thriller movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma, the notorious but legendary). The movie reminds the possession scenes of “The Exorcist” and the majority of the opening half-hour is reminiscent of “Evil Dead”, but it has enough respect for those classics not to blatantly copy them. The film will leave one looking over one’s shoulder at night.

Bhoot (2003): Bhoot is a supernatural horror movie set in the urban jungle of Bombay. The plot is about a married couple who moves into a new apartment. The fact that the previous occupant died jumping off from the balcony doesn’t deter the husband. He doesn’t inform his wife about that tragedy. Eventually, she finds out and then creepy things do happen. She loses sleep and begins to experience strange incidents, illusions and nightmares. A must-see for fans who love creepy horror films.

Lapachhapi (2017): Lapachhapi deals with a stereotypical topic that has been attempted many times from the old days to modern cinema. The additional factors here are the horror touch and telling the story in thriller mode. The film tells a story of a pregnant woman who arrives in an unknown village with her husband. Next, the conspiracy and some horrible facts from the past take this journey forward. The BGM and Camera movement will genuinely make you scared.

Zapatlela (1993): Zapatlela is one of the great horror, comedy films of Marathi cinema. This spooky flick is an adaptation of a blockbuster Hollywood movie Child’s Play (1988) but the storyline is very much different. It must be noted that this movie became so popular, it was dubbed in Hindi. The character, doll (Tatya Bichhu) became the nightmare of 90’s children. This movie will make you laugh and scare at the same time.

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