Blaze Your Trail: Robert “Bob” Mong’s UNT Dallas, Pathway To Social Mobility

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Education is a dynamic industry. With constant developments, discoveries, inventions, and interventions, students need equally passionate leaders and universities that not only keep up with these changes but also implement them for the well-being of the students.

The University of North Texas at Dallas is one of those places that broadens students’ perspectives while positively impacting the community. The University’s graduate and undergraduate degree programs have the lowest tuition rates in the Dallas area. UNT Dallas works to provide its students with practical professional experience in a variety of industries, including business, counseling, education, human services, law, and more.

UNT Dallas is led by President Robert “Bob” Mong. He has served UNT Dallas since 2015. As a 1971 Haverford College graduate, he attended Stanford University’s Executive Program in the Graduate School of Business.

Under his leadership, UNT Dallas has achieved greater heights including enrollment growth. Mong started his career and spent most of it as a journalist at The Dallas Morning News. As the paper grew in popularity, he gained experience as the paper’s Editor and Revenue General Manager.

Bridging as a journalist, Mong was passionate about education and the industry. He developed udint appointment for higher education between The Dallas Morning News and various universities. He was chaired the National board of visitors at the Manship School at Louisiana State University since 2000. Under his new leadership the paper won nine Pulitzen prizes.

In 2015, he was recruited as the President of UNT Dallas by the Former UNT System Chancellor, Lee Jackson. He was awarded various honors like the National Empathy Award for his contribution to making their community a better place to live.

Choosing Colleges: How To Make The Decision?

Choosing a college can be an overwhelming decision. Knowing that your future academic life depends on this one decision, making the right choice seems so difficult when many choices can please students. As someone with first-hand experience in the education sector for years, we raised the question to Bob Mong.

Number One-  Education is the single best determinant for future lifetime earnings premiums for those who achieve a bachelor’s degree or more. Go to college and complete college.

Number Two- Believe in your growth potential and maintain a lifetime learning mindset. The world has never changed faster. The best way to keep up with it is not to be intimidated by change but to embrace it.

Number Three- Learn self-care techniques to adapt to the inevitable stresses you will face in college and beyond. Too often, the most talented people fail to take care of

themselves and let their physical and mental health slide.

University Foundations/The Journey

The University of North Texas at Dallas provides affordable education accompanied by innovative, high-quality academic programs that include opportunities for rich experiential learning. Created by the Texas Legislature to serve under-resourced markets in North Texas, It has been 12 years since UNT Dallas became independent.

UNT Dallas offers its students the most cost-effective tuition plans in the Dallas area, enabling them to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or Juris doctoral degree while carrying the least debt possible. Thanks to the Office of Student Life, students can learn more about themselves, their peers, and the world we live in. UNT Dallas  provides students with an environment that is innovative, holistic, and instructive

Students will always be the priority and the heart of every initiative taken by the university. They aim to provide educational access and give students a variety of learning experiences. There is a range of partnerships with non-profit organizations, school districts, community institutions, and local business partners for students to benefit from.

UNT Dallas has its main campus in Southern Dallas. The area has relatively low college graduation rates. A point that UNT Dallas is working to change. The UNT Dallas College of Law is located in Downtown Dallas. The current building was originally the Dallas City Hall from 1914 to 1978.

Campus Environment

UNT Dallas works towards making an environment where everyone feels accepted and welcome. UNT Dallas’ undergraduate, graduate school, and law school are campuses where diversity is fostered by our vision to be a pathway for upward economic mobility. The UNT Dallas leadership team proudly is among the most diverse cabinet in American higher education with a remarkable minority cabinet. More than 60% of the staff are diverse with four out of six deans being scholars of color.

According to a national survey released in 2022, UNT Dallas was number 1 in North Texas and number 15 nationally among 1300 accredited colleges and universities for fostering upward economic mobility among graduates.

The university opened its first residence hall in 2017 and a new $63 million student center in 2019. They work to create a community that values students and encourages both academic success and personal growth. The residence hall is built with the needs of the students in mind, providing a distinctive experience while residing on campus.

The University’s GPS

UNT Dallas’ GPS- Guided Path to Success is a 5-Year Road Map to continue advancing the university’s mission of empowering students and transforming lives. The plan focuses on 5 principles to be followed while decision-making. By aligning their efforts with these principles, they hope to transition to their growth phase.

The plan also includes being in sync with the newest technological or academic advancements as they come. This will make the trajectory move forward in the next few years in a holistic way.

Academia And Programs

A university’s faculty determines how strong it is. At UNT Dallas,  you won’t find teachers who aren’t involved in the community.  In reality, UNT Dallas is home to professors with expertise in various subjects, including business, counseling, education, human services, law, and more. The faculty members are dedicated to instructing, and they are each available to their students inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally,  offered peer and professional counseling, tutoring, and advice services.

Extracurricular Life Of Students

UNT Dallas believes in offering students a range of activities, including involvement in student government, collegiate athletics, Greek life, internships, and volunteer work.

The recently launched intercollegiate athletics program includes men’s and women’s teams in basketball, cross country, and track. Additional sports, including men’s and women’s soccer, will be added in the coming years.

Placements And Future For Students

UNT Dallas graduates leave the campus with more than just a certificate; they also have the knowledge and skills necessary to find employment. UNT Dallas maintains a dedicated career center and relationships with the business sector so that its graduates can be placed in the workforce.

UNT Dallas is situated in the fourth-largest market in the country, Dallas-Fort Worth which is ahead of most in producing jobs in America.

There is opportunity everywhere. UNT Dallas is situated in one of North Texas’s least developed and economically difficult regions. UNT Dallas is currently one of southern Dallas County’s biggest employers. It also acts as a catalyst for local efforts at economic development. The university will be in the area when southern Dallas’ growth picks up.

Affordable Education Still A Priority

Many of the scholarships that are awarded at the University of North Texas at Dallas are based on the student’s application for admission. Scholarships are provided for all of their academic programs depending on a stern evaluation based on post-academic achievements, academic goals, student involvement, and strength of nomination forms.

According to 2022 data from the Texas State Coordinating Board (which regulates higher education in the state), UNT Dallas is a leader in graduating diverse students with no or manageable debt. A high percentage of students leave with no or almost no student debts thanks to the university’s programs. If compared, many students spend years and years trying to manage their student debts, but at UNT Dallas, the graduates low federal loan default rates.

How Does The Future Look Like?

Over the past few years, UNT Dallas has made more than $150 million in infrastructure improvements. A revolutionary $100 million STEM facility is in the works currently which will help prepare multicultural students for critically needed careers in healthcare.

A record amount of funds from the federal and state governments, businesses including Toyota, Wipro, Texas Instruments, Kellogg, and other foundations, as well as private philanthropists, have been given to UNT Dallas over the past five years. Both medical schools and an Ivy League graduate programs accepted the first graduates of UNT Dallas.

The University recently opened the 180-foot Ryan Tower, visible for miles in all directions. The Tower serves as a beacon for the transformation of an entire region.

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