Empowering Leadership and Visionary Innovation: A Conversation with Dr. Christina Rahm

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Empowering Leadership and Visionary Innovation: A Conversation with Dr. Christina Rahm

In the realm of business leadership, Dr. Christina Rahm stands as a remarkable figure, seamlessly blending her roles as a business entrepreneur, scientist, author, patent innovator, and humanitarian. Armed with a PhD and a wealth of knowledge in various scientific and humanitarian disciplines, Dr. Rahm has embarked on a mission to enhance holistic well-being through evidence-based health and wellness products. As the CEO/Chairperson for DRC Ventures and The ROOT Brands® Company, she has not only steered the companies towards global conservation efforts but has also catalysed revolutionary product launches. Inspired by trailblazers like Margaret Thatcher and Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. Rahm shares insights into her journey, challenges faced, and her unique approach to leadership and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness.

1. Could you please tell us about your educational/professional background?

I am the CEO/Chairperson for DRC Ventures, as well as chairperson for The ROOT Brands®. Primarily, I am a business entrepreneur who works as a scientist and scientific product formulator. I am also an author, patent innovator, and humanitarian who has created a broad based of scientifically contrived, range of products to improve the state of one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Our company’s nutraceutical products are backed by evidence-based science, combined with top quality ingredients to provide most everything the body needs for detoxing and added nutrients.

I have received Doctorate degrees in various areas of science and humanities while recently receiving two Honorary Doctorate degrees in Humanity and Pharmaceutical Science. My decades of research, science, and clinical knowledge have supported revolutionary product launches which combine a comprehensive and integrative approach to holistic wellness.

2. Who inspired you to become a business leader?

Margaret Thatcher being one of those highly prominent women. Regardless of political views, Margaret Thatcher’s groundbreaking role as the first female UK Prime Minister impresses me. Her resilience in a male-dominated field encourages me to overcome challenges and pursue my goals, breaking gender barriers along the way.

Another individual I have highly admired is Eleanor Roosevelt and her commitment to human rights. Her advocacy for civil and women’s rights, especially her role in shaping the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

3. When was DRC Ventures established?

In 2021; DRC Ventures was designed to become a global catalyst for conservation efforts to make the world better environmentally; to leave it healthier for generations to come.

4. What are the prominent services/solutions offered by the company?

DRC Ventures hosts multiple products including an expansive skin care line, Ella Pure; an organic coffee, Rahm Roast, and Merci Dupre Clothiers, a sustainable, environmentally friendly clothing line which aims to repel bacteria, toxins, pathogens, and 5G, through Enviremware, a proprietary blend of protective ingredients for clothing. Additional products under the DRC Ventures umbrella include Bill & Coo, a revolutionary luxury pet brand providing sustainable products and animal nutraceuticals, and Rahm Pharma.

We have products aimed at detoxing such as Clean Slate; and products which focus on longevity such as Give Me Back My Youth. RENO, and Envirem Skin Defense were designed to help protect the skin from external stressors, both which are under the ELLA PURE skin care product line. Additional products focus on anti-inflammatory, turmeric based formulas like Restore, and our Natural Barrier Support to build immunity. As mentioned previously, we subsequently branched out to create an organic coffee brand titled Rahm Roast.

5. How are they different from your competitors’ offerings?

The ROOT Brands, ® managed by DRC Ventures, develops, and distributes products to give people life-changing options for health, happiness, and longevity. Our focus is to find the root cause of problems through detoxing the body by aiming to rid it of fungus, bacteria, toxins, pathogens, etc., and subsequently, integrating appropriate nutrients. Both companies (DRC Ventures and The ROOT Brands®) were founded with the intent to address the needs of humanity.

Our organizations have efficiently been able to broaden its influence across the globe for more than 200,000 customers with subsidiaries and brands impacting global affairs and business advancement.

We have created a Fintech financial system and social networking platform. If customers like our products, they share the product link and are then rewarded. This social influence on rewarding those who bring value to our organization has worked phenomenal. Our focus is to empower individuals, including myself, to embark on a deeply rewarding journey towards living our best lives and, in doing so, contributing to the well-being of those around us.

Additionally, there are a multitude of wellness companies on the market who create good products. However, most consumers do not understand the importance of ingredient sourcing. Our ingredients in all products are of the highest quality.

6. What are your roles and responsibilities in the company as a Founder?

As the CEO/Chairperson for DRC Ventures, and The ROOT Brands®, I work as a visionary leader which means having the capacity to paint a vivid picture of a better future while effectively share that vision with my team. Running any company involves strategic thinking, a willingness to take well-considered and calculated risks, while adapting to the face of change. In my leadership approach, I continually craft a vision which resonates with my values and long-term goals, while making it a point to involve my team in the process.

7. How do you inspire your team during a crisis?

I place a strong emphasis on clear and inspiring communication, creating an environment where my team feels empowered, innovative, and resilient. I lead by example, set ambitious standards, and remain committed to long-term goals, while remaining open to necessary adjustments in our strategies along the way.

8. What challenges have you faced as a woman in the business world?

Many, many challenges. Most of all, gender related barriers in business. I began my career in the pharmaceutical industry, which was male dominated, at the time. I then evolved into starting my own businesses, in entrepreneurial roles. Just as patent ownership in this country is also male dominated, with women only hosting 7% of patents across the US, however, I have been awarded multiple patents, which have also been challenging.

With all business challenges, it is important to focus on consistently being your best self, your most brilliant self, and your honest and loyal self, while psychologically knowing that often, we just may need to burst through those gender barriers politely, but with fortitude. Being a victim is not necessary to empower oneself.

9. How have you been able to balance work and personal life as a businessperson?

I am not sure I have ever achieved a perfect work-life balance. For me, I attempt this by starting each morning, counting my blessings. I make it a point to reach out to each of my children as I have four of them. I also make it a point to plan at least two extensive trips with my family, annually, to get back to basics. This time together creates such nice unification with my kids as they are just as busy as I am. This is a wonderful way to reconnect our lives by simply enjoying each other’s company. I work extremely hard, but also work hard to carve out time with my immediate family, as well as my extended family; I have a brother and a sister, along with being blessed to still have two extremely healthy parents.

10. What is your leadership style, and how has it evolved over time?

I work hard and I expect my team to do the same. I would say that my understanding of different personalities and work ethics has evolved over time. I am high energy and extremely focused, but not everyone is like that. I have worked with many who are extremely effective and productive with less energy who do amazing jobs. I believe my understanding of people, overall, has evolved over time, not just in the workplace.

11. How do you stay current with industry trends and developments?

a. The core philosophy of both DRC Ventures, and The ROOT Brands® is that we provide positive solutions for people, pets, and the whole planet. It is about rediscovering our inner selves, nurturing our minds, souls, and hearts, while taking care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

b. Fortunately, The ROOT Brands® has grown over 20-fold from the launch in February of 2020. DRC Ventures and The ROOT Brands have a model which is rarely seen in any aspect of business. Our business has created a tremendous example of how companies can create value and collaborate with their consumers to grow an amazing consumer ecosystem. If you invest in people, people will invest in you.

12. Could you share a successful project or initiative that you spearheaded?

I am extremely proud of creating The Rahm Foundation (www.therahmfoundation.com)

We have a mentorship program within the Rahm Foundation. We focus on core areas of empowerment. Our mentorship program seeks to bridge the gap between experience and ambition, recognizing that both mentors and mentees have valuable contributions to offer in this journey of shared growth.

13. What advice would you give to other women looking to enter the business world?

Leaders need to be highly visionary, but also pragmatic. To be a pragmatic leader, women can be more organized, which allows the capacity to “run a tight ship,” operationally, and financially. Being a visionary leader also means having the capacity to paint a picture and effectively share that vision. Finally, I believe women who can encapsulate leadership styles with professionalism, while combing empathy are capable of increased success and happiness.

14. What do you see as the biggest opportunities for growth in the healthcare industry in the coming years?

I believe in evidenced-based medicine. But I also believe in the bold new world of nutraceuticals. I believe quality sourced nutraceuticals as alternative and homeopathic options will continue to scale in the healthcare genre.

15. If you had to share a message/advice with our audience, what would it be?

Women deserve the same rights as men, whether it be equal pay, gender norms, self-expression, and or reproductive rights. I grew up in Southeast Missouri, and like small town farming communities across the US, it was considered a “good old boys” network. That upbringing taught me so much about gender roles, biases and how to better deal with the obstacles. I loved the men I grew up with as they taught me how to remain true to myself while being strong enough to be a partner to men. I have always been inspired by my grandmothers and mother. They are wonderfully strong, kind, nurturing humans. I respect their core values deeply, but I have lived a much different life than them and my career has taken me all over the world. The message is, you can do anything you want, when you put your mind to it. Do not let upbringing, gender barriers, or background hinder your goals and vision in life.

In Conclusion: A Vision for Empowerment

Dr. Christina Rahm’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration, echoing the timeless truth that determination knows no bounds. Her journey, marked by overcoming gender barriers and challenging stereotypes, resonates with a powerful message—unleash the potential within and defy limitations. From her roots in Southeast Missouri to the global stage of business, Dr. Rahm’s narrative underscores the transformative power of self-belief. As she passionately advocates for equal rights and opportunities, she leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of empowerment. In the face of obstacles, Dr. Rahm’s call to action rings clear: one can indeed achieve anything when driven by a resolute mind. Her life’s work, enterprising spirit, and commitment to humanity collectively amplify the belief that embracing our true selves is the key to realizing our goals and visions in life. In a world where challenges may abound, Dr. Christina Rahm stands as a living testament to the triumph of resilience, vision, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s aspirations.


Dr. Christina Rahm, LLC: 2019

Founder, consultant on medical projects / products and manufacturing work, speaker, inventor of specialized products, personal consultant, host “Under the Red Chandelier.”

International Science Nutrition Society: 2021–present

Founder, board chair, science advisor, publisher, host “Scientifically Beautiful.”

Root Wellness, LLC: 2021–present

Board chair, interim CEO, advisor / Chief Science Officer, formulator, content creator, product developer, publisher, patent developer, podcast host.

Predicted Health Ventures, LLC: 2016

Founder, president, woman-owned consulting company helping single women get back into the workplace, Dr. Christina Rahm Cook, LLC 2016–2020.

Merci Dupre Ventures, LLC: 2009–2020

Chief Research Officer, non-spine, total joint, and IOM-directed; nutraceuticals formulator; scientific studies (International Seed Nutrition Society), advisory board, and PHS pathway developer; international speaker; inventor, engineering scientific / device consultant; patent developer in coordination with Merritt Ventures; registries co-author; IRB principal investigator / research study coordinator; founded / developer Predicted Ventures in support of Women and Minorities. Company focus transitioned from Health and Wellness consulting to Music, Art, Fashion Focus in 2020.

Cure the Causes, Inc: 2019–present

Founder; developer and holder of trademarks, copyrights, provisional patents, trade secrets, IP; consultant; author of twelve books, writer of adult, YA, children’s books.

Merritt Ventures, LLC: 2012–2020

Board chair, consultant focused on music / art / sports, PQRS Vendor for CMS, research analyst, ZMED, CO3, Medicaid / Medicare, OBerd / DC2, ACO 2012, women’s and minority health projects.


Teton Labs / IFP: 2018–2020

Chief Science Officer working on contract manufacturing with Innovative Flex Pack partnership, liposome formulas for toothpaste, gel pack products / vitamin formulations for MLM companies, affiliate companies and direct nutraceutical companies; conducted Benu Video and presentation; assist manufacturer with nano-emulsions.

Rain International: 2017–2020

Interim CEO for 5 months, Chief Science Officer working on product development and manufacturing, provisional patents, development of trade secrets, management of international corporate team, processor of SOPs for science, clinical, and manufacturing of all products, international speaker and presenter, author of clinical and scientific white papers / posters / presentations.

DC2 Holdings / DOC Holdings: 2015–2019

Founder and Chief Executive Officer for evidence-based research companies and networks centered around spine, joints, and associated medical devices; founder and developer of patent program/network-MLPP and an IT based company MTS/Medtech Specialist; partner to assist doctors with improvement of quality and cost of spine and total joint care; registry co-author; international speaker and presenter.

International Seed Nutrition Society: 2016–2020

Founder, board chair, developer of Good Seed (health and wellness app), International Science Society in over fifty countries as subscribers and members.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals: 2007–2009

Oncology clinical specialist, trainer / science manager for sales and marketing teams responsible for implementation of PNH strategic pathway at largest oncology clinics in US, regional advisory boards in the Oncology Networks (US Oncology, P4 Healthcare, ION, CCE, NOC), payer groups, consultants, and KOLs for western US; developer of appropriate Assay testing for hematology and oncology patients; trainer for all KOL’s; national speaker at National and Regional scientific societies.

Rahm Medical, LLC: 2006–2007

Co-owner / president of Rahm Medical/Z med, distributor in Tennessee, consultant / manager of medical science personnel and responsible for hiring, training, and management of seven medical sales representatives; developer of research goals; liaison between corporate divisions responsible for corporate reporting, quota setting, and surgeon involvement. As president, increased TN revenues by 125% over prior year, developed HR, legal, and finance departments, medical science, and Advisory BOD.

CMT Holdings: 2005–2010

President of Medical Science, member of Board of Directors, researcher in IOM, spine, brain, total joint with network of providers and experts, a founder and developer of statewide IOM company. As Medical Science President, grew the company from three to sixty employees; direct reports were physicians, neuro technologists, medical science research and finance operation teams; expanded from state to national presence; grew company to multi-million-dollar franchise; developed Advisory and Medical BOD programs; sold to Specialty Care in M&A transaction.

Rahm Foundation: 2005–present

Founder, president of Medical Science, member of Board of Directors, and fundraiser for non-profit organization to assist abused women and children, mentor for high school and college students.

Bristol-Meyers Squibb: 2006–2007

Medical Science Liaison III; support and assist Sales and Marketing teams with research towards HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, and infectious disease; committee participant for new drug development.

UCB Pharma: 2006–2006

Senior Medical Science Liaison II, European Research Director, MSL II researcher in Crohn’s disease and stem cell drug treatments; selected to support the European team over publications and clinical development in European meetings, publications, and trial stage. Responsibilities included development of scientific information during pre-launch stage and publications of materials.

Biogen Idec: 2003–2006

Medical Science Liaison / Medical Liaison supporting and managing scientific information for the sales force in southeastern US. Managed national opinion leaders, key institutions for clinical studies, investigator-sponsored trials, scientific information, competitive intelligence, and opportunities of product development within infectious disease, dermatology, neurology, and immunology, consultant and advisory presentations, speaker training, research design, CME program development and implementation, and facilitations of consultant meetings. Received MVP Award 2005, had six publications in dermatology and immunology / led Publications and IST team.

Biogen: 2002–2003

Area Regional Business Manager for Immunology Unit and launched / managed first Biotech product approved for psoriasis, winner of first National Contest in selected area of Non-paying states for insurance with Human Monoclonal Antibody, was Top 10 area business managers in nation.

Janssen / Johnson and Johnson: 2002–2003

Central Nervous System Specialist who provided educational / research development for psychiatrist of state / research hospitals / government institutions as part of sales and marketing. Focus was development and education for children suffering from ADHD and ADD, as well as individuals suffering from psychotic symptoms and episodes (Serious Persistently Mentally Ill Individuals).

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals: 2000–2001

Area Business Salesperson whose specialty focused with CNS Team; solicited and promoted psychiatric pharmaceuticals to a call list of over one hundred physicians launched Geodon and reached 134% of annual quota, winner of First Quarter Market Share Increase Award.

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Roerig Division: 1998

Area Business Manager who solicited and promoted antibiotic and antifungal pharmaceuticals in hospitals, oncology units and institutional settings; worked with Alta, Powers, Central Nervous System Team, Hospital Team on Zithromax, Trovan, Diflucan, Zoloft, Lipitor, Viagra, Celebrex, and Geodon; launched Trovan with top US quarterly sales. Received #1 Pharmaceutical Representative test score in the nation and Training Award.

Galloway Pharmaceuticals: 1997–1998

Regional Business Consultant who served as sales and PR supervisor, conducted consultation seminars for community healthcare organizations for Pharmacy, focused on Oncology Services in inner city and prison populations, worked on Grants and Research projects as initiated by President, increased profit by 200% in 6-month period, conducted over 100 seminars for physicians and administrators in the state of California on pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

NIMH/Boston University/MMHS: 1996–1997

Research Director Supervisor – MMHC who oversaw implementation of drug addiction housing initiative, cross-site process evaluation, and experimental study for NIH/NIMH; funded Boston Psychiatric Research Center’s Mobile site; supervised all Mobile Mental Health Center Hospital site personnel; served as project liaison for the State of Alabama, Boston University, and the NIMH; developed 9 research proposals on therapeutic options for seriously persistent mentally ill; wrote and developed $1.5 million grant through NIMH with co-authors and other groups as research director; wrote 10 grants in two years.

Mobile Mental Health Center: 1995–1996

In-Home Intervention Coordinator Therapist Supervisor who developed and implemented intensive in-home intervention continuum of care program for persons with serious and persistent mental illness; provided intake assessment and referral, crisis intervention, direct therapeutic services, and supervision of 15 adult case managers and psychologist; responsible for research grants for the entire state for MMHC; managed 2 research staff members, as well as 15 Master/Ph.D. level professionals.

Program Design, LLC: 1995

Sales Program Consultant who provided consultation for the facilities renovation project for the state of Florida with independent consulting group, developed and presented programs and workshops for different mental health facilities and hospitals, educated physicians on the clinical aspects of developmental disorders SPMI and Mentally Challenged.


Filtration System — include but are not limited to facemasks and clothing that have at least one layer of material impregnated with sodium aluminosilicate compounds to remove matter such as but not limited to toxins, pathogens, and similar.

Skin Coating — wherein the skin coating is configured to inhibit penetration of materials such as but not limited to bacteria, viruses, fungus, and heavy metal toxins; a water-based viscous solution that includes a plurality of components, including at least one zeolite.

Lectin Detoxification Method — to provide isolation, purification, and characterization of a lectin from seeds, roots, bark, leaves, tubers, plants, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and oils to assist with the characterization of the lectin, enhancing its important physiological roles, including insecticidal action, antibacterial activity, and antifungal effects, anti-human immunodeficiency virus, antitumor activity, and analgesic activity.

Biochemical Composition and Method for Support of Cognitive Function — a nutritional based formulation for individuals with cognitive disorders such as but not limited to Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as sexual dysfunction, produced utilizing various techniques to include but not be limited to nano-emulsions and nano-encapsulation.

Cold Press Nano-Emulsion Formula and Method for Preparation of Nutritional Supplements — preparation of food-grade nano-emulsions utilizing cold press techniques wherein supplements are derived from items such as but not limited to seeds, fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables, including the addition of trace minerals and vitamins, for anti-inflammation and support of the immune system.

Alcohol Metabolism Acceleration Composition — a composition for increasing alcohol metabolism provided in a food substance and drink formula to assist the body in burning the carbohydrates and sugars associated with alcohol consumption, including the use of orthosilicates, Vitamin E, calcium, wheatgrass, resveratrol, turmeric, and theanine.

Tryptophan Metabolic Stimulation Compositions — a dietary supplement facilitating the increased metabolism tryptophan in combination with vitamins and minerals to facilitate treatment of sleep disorders such as but not limited to jet lag disorder and circadian rhythm sleep disorder.

Permeable and Semi-Permeable Substrate and Substance — a permeable and options for semi-permeable inevitable substrate and substance made from minerals, vitamins, and detox formulas which may be used in clothing or other articles to be worn, in hospital settings, areas of nuclear waste, areas high in toxins, or areas of high radiation that may enable the radiation, the high energy levels, and the toxins to activate the substrates and formulas that have been infused into clothing to self-clean and detox the clothing while it is being worn.

Water Soluble Electrolyzed Silicon Dioxide Formulation — a formulation of bio-available silicon dioxide fragments combined with vitamins, amino acids, nutrient compounds, and minerals that can be utilized to detoxify, replenish, and stimulate growth in living organisms providing benefits such as but not limited to improvements in the aging process, in a water-soluble electrolyzed silicon dioxide formulation operable to provide intracellular detoxification.

Extractives of Silicate Production Method — extractions for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals for utilization for treatment of human and animal, providing fractionation and extraction of ions, elements, and compounds from materials containing silver ions, silica, and/or zeolites to assist with aging, detoxification, support of the autoimmune system through removal of heavy metals, various toxins, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites.


  • Grace International Bible University — Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy, 2009
    • Harvard University Extension School — Professional Certificate Nanotechnology, 2020
    •  Cornell University — Pharmaceutical Management / Nutrition Certification, 2020
    •  Rudolph Kwanue University — Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical, 2022
    •  Grace International Bible University — Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work and Humanities, 2022


  • University of South Alabama — Bachelor of Arts: Criminal Justice, 1992
    • University of South Alabama — Master of Science: Rehabilitation Counseling, 1995
    •  University of Sarasota — Doctorate of Education: Counseling Psychology, 2005
    •  Charter University — Doctorate of Philosophy ABD: Strategic Sciences, 2014


  • Co-Chair of UN Women for Peace (Tennessee)

•  Volunteer for Treasured in Ethiopia in Korah
•  Outreach in Trash City, Ethiopia
•  Counting on Men Campaign
•  Save the Soil
•  Treasured Board of Directors
•  TN Voices
•  European Women’s Association
•  Governors Club, Golf Member 2005-Present
•  SoHo House, Global Member 2022- Present

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