How Vietnamese Animated Series ‘Wolfoo’ Winning Over the World By Strome?


A Vietnamese anime show for kids “Wolfoo” Spreading worldwide like a Fire. Wolfoo enjoys kids in a humanistic value deftly woven into stories about the fun everyday scenarios. The series has been awarded the Youtube Diamond  Play Button twice, with Greater than 2 billion monthly views and counting. Yet it is a hidden fact that “Wolfoo” is indeed the dignity of the Vietnamese people.

What is Wolfoo’s plan for success?

Wolfoo is a collection of animated characters in the Growing Windows on Arm

(WOA) ecosystem owned by SCONNECT, a Vietnam-situated company specialized in creative Attribute content.

Originally Released in English and after that has been dubbed into many other languages, such as Spanish, French, Japanese, etc., The Maker has registered Wolfoo characters images as trademarks in the United States and Vietnam to expand its market. In Vietnam, the maker has also copyrighted the scripts of the Wolfoo animated series and secured protection for the Wolfoo brand.

Wolfoo is steadily asserting itself as the animation brand taking the lead in a holistic integration of entertainment and education through the ecosystem of products attractive to Kids across the Globe.

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 Every WOA product has clearly-defined core values. After determining the core values of a product, WOA comes up with a coherent action plan and commits itself to deliver these values through said product and service. Thus, we ensure sustainability and distinctiveness in doing business,Ta Manh Hoang asserted.

WOA always intends to deliver substantial values and satisfy the audience through the expansion of the Wolfoo ecosystem as the audience’s trust and support are invaluable assets. In 2022, WOA is willing to launch the online game Wolfoo and the 2000-square meter Wolfoo City edutainment center, complete with the Wolfoo cast of characters.

As a Professional brand of SCONNECT CO., LTD, WOA commits to Supporting connections for values across the globe.

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