Twitter Blue is No More Free, Have to Pay $8 per Month


After finally owning Twitter, it seems like he has taken on his mind to change almost everything about the micro-blogging platform. After changing and firing the entire employee base, Elon Musk has introduced another upgrade to the app, giving his employees an ultimatum. Twitter Blue is Elon’s upgraded way for people to have verified accounts. But there’s a catch- Twitter is planning to charge approximately $8 for the new Twitter Blue Subscription. 

What Is Twitter Blue?

In 2021, Twitter Blue was introduced, giving users exclusive access to premium features like the ability to edit, undo tweets, and have access to ad-free articles. According to the article, users would now have to subscribe to Twitter Blue in order to have a Twitter blue check. 

What’s So New About Blue?

When one comes across a tweet and observes the trademark Twitter blue check on it, it is deemed to be more authentic in terms of the information it is presenting. Your account must be well-known and active in order to be verified. Anyone can currently apply for Twitter Verification. The website divides well-known accounts into various categories.

Now, under the new rules and regulations, not only to-be verified accounts will have to pay an additional subscription fee of $8, the existing verified accounts have to as well. The users will have a 90-day period to either subscribe or lose their verification. 

Through a recent tweet, Elon made it clear that he plans on completely revamping the verification process. Also, the fact that Elon has given an ultimatum for his employees to launch this feature by the first week of November, or they can pack up their stuff and leave. 

What are your views on the hefty and rapid steps Elon Musk is taking after spending mere 3 days as the owner of Twitter? 

Secretly hoping for an Edit Button on Twitter.

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