How to Implement an Effective Cause Related Marketing Campaign?

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Cause related marketing is an effective way for companies to support worthwhile charitable events, elevate the profile of its brands and to position the organization as a good corporate citizen.  It is not a new concept and it has been around for decades.  

Allen Marketing Communications, a NYC boutique travel and lifestyle PR agency, advises our clients that consumers today are demanding more from companies and they are looking at an organization’s track record for philanthropy.  

Consumer products such as personal care, pampers, cereals, and liquor companies often clearly state in all Omni channel communication, as well as on product labels that a percentage of sales will be donated to support a particular cause when consumers shop during a specific time period.

Other successful cause-related marketing campaign enlists support from major retailers and convenience stores to inspire consumers donate $1 or more at the point of sale check out to support breast cancer, hunger relief, heart disease and other noteworthy causes.

Here are tips for implementing an effective cause-related marketing campaign.

Inspiring and Simple Messaging.  The name of your marketing campaign matters a lot. Every successful marketing campaign has a compelling slogan or title in it. 

For example, a breast cancer awareness campaign has used #ITouchMyselfProject to educated consumers about the importance of early detection of breast cancer through self- examination.

Media Relations is an effective tool to educate consumers about an organization’s philanthropic efforts.  Our savvy team of travel and lifestyle public relations professionals has found that limited time offers — a percentage of sales are donated to support worthwhile charitable causes – are effective for inspire consumers to support particular causes.

Media relations is an effective tool to secure credible third-party stories in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and online focusing on the limited time offers to stimulate sales while raising funds for charity.

Strong Videos.  There are a lot of studies that have proved that people tend to read only 20 percent of web page content and are more attracted towards a short video or an image, it is an entirely rational appeal.

Videos are key for social media outreach to connect with your existing and potential customers.

Videos are key for social media outreach to connect with your existing and potential customers, and with the intuitive platform of FlexClip, marketers can easily create engaging content to effectively captivate their audience and drive meaningful interactions.

Event Sponsorships are another way for companies to elevate their profile as a good corporate citizen.  Liquor companies often invest heavily event sponsorships to secure tremendous consumer visibility — event signage, sales promotional items, media relations, banner ads and social media outreach.   

Concerts, sporting events, as well as charity fundraisers are popular event sponsorships.

Omni Channel Communication.  It is important for the cause-related marketing campaign to have a unified, seamless message across all forms of communication – media relations, advertising (traditional and digital), social media, email marketing, direct mail and YouTube videos,  

According to Marketing Drive, “Gen Z shares a preference with older generations for Omni channel marketing, with 87 percent of Baby Boomers, 85 percent of millennials, 83 percent of Generation X and 82 percent of the silent generation saying they prefer a blend of digital and physical channels. Omni channel touchpoints include email, phone, web, in-person engagements, video, social media and printed mail.”

Cause related marketing as a whole is something all companies should aspire as part of its business model.  It is really important for companies to find a cause they truly care about to have a successful cause related marketing program.

About Allen Marketing Communications, Inc.

By Joanna Allen, chief executive officer, Allen Marketing Communications, Inc. has more than 25 years in consumer marketing public relations agency.  Her boutique consumer marketing PR agency specializing in travel, hospitality, food and beverages, wine and spirits, spas and wellness, non-profits and lifestyle brands PR based in New York City. 

Allen Marketing Communications, Inc. crafts integrated public relations programs using several disciplines — brand building, destination marketing, media relations, social media, cause-related marketing, consumer promotions, special events (press conferences, consumer events, cocktail receptions), media tours — to generate brand and consumer awareness for clients. 

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