Italy’s 16-Year-Old “Little Messi” Wins Game 1-0

Italy's 16-Year-Old "Little Messi" Wins Game 1-0

16-year-old “Little Messi” makes her Women’s World Cup debut with a 1-0 win. Giulia Dragoni, a midfielder for Italy, created Women’s World Cup history this morning when, at the age of just 16, she took the pitch for her team against Argentina in the tournament’s opening match.

This month, the kid earned her international debut in a scoreless pre-tournament draw with Morocco. Still, Milena Bertolini, her manager, evidently decided enough was enough after choosing to start her in today’s Group G victory against Argentina.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Italy defeated Argentina 1-0 to begin their FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 campaign. The teenager made her international debut against the nation of football great Lionel Messi, thus earning the nickname “Little Messi” from teammates. Giulia Dragoni just agreed to a two-and-a-half-year contract with Barcelona, Messi’s longtime former club.

Furthermore, Dragoni displayed her class during the match against Argentina, and one of her
moves went viral when she took the ball above the head of an opponent to advance the ball.

“Giulia is a talent of Italian football,” said Bertolini, Italy’s Manager. “She was ready and she did well playing in a big stadium. If they are here, it is because they deserve it.”

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