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Most of us look at an organization’s numbers & financials when analyzing its success. However, we frequently ignore the fact that the success of any organization is reflected on the people in our workforce and significance of being partnered with the be Recruitment Agency to build your business success.

The success of your organization depends on your attitude and outlook on hiring. Employees work hard to fulfill your organizational goals, align to your values and mission. For companies who want to expand quickly but steadily they realize that doing so depends on having the proper mix of staff, which is why having a recruitment & retention strategy is so important.

The main objective of any employer is to have high-calibre staff. This responsibility lands onto the HR Executives and Managers. Choosing the right candidate can be tough. In this one decision could be the make or break of your organization’s success.

To reach and achieve this objective, companies need a recruiting team that will understand and ensure both the employer’s and the candidate’s needs. One that places people in roles that will best meet their career/business objectives. We have met with a multi award-winning recruiting team- TaylorCare Recruitment in Australia led by Founder and Managing Director Kate Taylor on her advice to help organizations achieve there recruitment goals.

Growing With a Goal

Kate Taylor kick started her career in Education Recruitment back in 2007. She hustled through various companies under Education Recruitment before moving back to Australia in 2010. Kate moved to work for a healthcare agency. Being in the recruitment industry for more than a decade now, Kate has specialties including social workers, counselors, and psychologists.

While working for the health care agency, her career launched to success in Australia. She was one of the highest billers in the office for two years. She billed over $1 million for the company at the time. Seeing that high of a number being achieved through her hard work motivated her. It shed more light on the path she wants to navigate in her career ahead on.

Kate also is outspoken and supportive of issues related to mental health in general. She believes with her experience with complex mental health as a teenager, she can relate to the youth. She wants parents to listen to her story and not ignore that of their wards.

Kate has shared her story on stages of organizations like Sony, ING Bank, and Eftpos Australia, to name a few.

It was in 2013 that she launched TaylorCare- a team created to address the need for professional high-quality recruitment services for government, non-government, charities, and private healthcare sectors of Australia.

Growing With TaylorCare

Since the launch of TaylorCare Recruitment in 2013, Kate has successfully launched Community Services & Allied Health divisions under her business. Kate is constantly expanding the business especially post and during COVID when there was an intense need for healthcare professionals everywhere.

The company which started small has expanded itself to a larger office in North Sydney – Australia to accommodate its growing dream team. The company to date has successfully recruited hundreds of candidates with 83 clients across Australia and counting.

Manifesting Dreams

With a comprehensive service focused on well-being and CARE and true passion and drive to high standards of providing a professional service, TaylorCare stands out from their competition. To place people in positions that would best support their professional and career ambition, the company also ensures that both employer and applicant demands are recognized. TaylorCare Recruitment team collaborates closely with clients and candidates to identify the position that is the best fit for everyone.

For their constant hard work and unique approach, TaylorCare has received various awards and nominations including the 2018 RCSA Rising Star Award, and the RCSA Corporate Social Responsibility Award. Also was one of the finalists of the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards for Influential Woman Award 2022.  Just to name a few. Was among the “Top 10 most influential people in staffing and recruiting 2022” and the winner of the Specialist Recruitment Agency of the Year Award 2020

Growing as a Leader

“I believe I have approached each challenge with the posture of positive problem solving and relying on the concept that knowledge and experience together form wisdom.“ — Kate Taylor 

Kate has always had a passionate & visionary approach to business and is on a mission to make a Income in Business while making an Impact in the world giving back to her 4 chosen charities. Kate is always hustling with heart towards her work before for other companies, or when it is with her own company. She is updated and helpful on every hands-on day-to-day activity and processes around her office. She oversees the company’s business development strategy. branding and marketing, workforce planning and managing her team and is always and the introducing of new services and initiatives. She works alongside her team and is not above her team and showcases true leadership style where she leads by example.

Being in the business for the last 10 years, TaylorCare has successfully expanded through new and newer horizons leaving its impact on the industry. They started from humble beginnings in a one person home office start-up business to a small office in the Sydney CBD, and now to a larger office in North Sydney Australia.

“My goal is to continue paving the way for women in business to shine in leadership roles. I want to be a role model to my daughter so that she can work hard and go for her dreams while being an amazing mum too.”

The distinctive Kate has implemented from the beginning of the business is to not only incorporate an RUOK wellbeing workplace culture, but to also actively engage with my staff in Corporate Social Responsibility.  

The goal of building a successful business includes incorporating my passion for helping charities and giving back in the industries we recruit for.  This provides a noticeable distinction in the industry and also unites TaylorCare staff with a common cause.   Each year we donate 10% of our profits as well as host annual events promoting the charities. We have raised and donated over $40,000 to our chosen charities. Many of her clients and candidates have chosen to work with TaylorCare Recruitment knowing we are giving back to charity.  

Growing With the Workforce

A leader of a company that looks after and recruits’ employees needs to have a healthy work culture. Kate believes that having a good team is pivotal in her business success. “Teamwork makes the dream work” is her teams’ motto. It is important to create a place that inspires your team and brings out the best in them. Every employee must feel seen, respected, and valued.

The value they receive in their workspace is the value they will be able to give to customers. Not just through their work and efforts, but also by giving back to charity in business too.

“My aim in the workplace and for my clients is marked by passion, initiative, and open collaborative thinking. This is outworked through the consultative approach that I have in dealing with staff, clients, and candidates.”

The team has weekly team meetings where they discuss all sorts. They work to find creative solutions to challenges. Kate has this unique and intentional bonus system that rewards their collaborative efforts.

Kate’s love for assisting charities and giving back in the sectors we recruit for will be included in the successful firm she hopes to create. She included the RUOK workspace culture in her office. This sets TaylorCare apart from the competition and gives the workforce a reason to work together. The company donates 10% of its profits and hosts charitable events. Together as a workforce, they raise, rise, donate, and develop.

“As the founder and owner of TaylorCare, I developed a management style that is marked by empathy, compassion, initiative, and open collaborative thinking. As a leader, I have developed into a pathfinder, not just a path minder leadership style.”

Growing Through the Struggles

The difficulties Kate has encountered during the last nine years of the company, particularly the COVID pandemic, show her capacity to lead her team through uncertainty.

In 2020, Kate was forced to immediately reevaluate her business, choose her area of specialization, and determine how to best serve her clients. Kate decided to offer training to jobseekers to help them. Later it was requested to set up a Telehealth Counseling Service for large Corporate organization KPMG for their employees in lockdown in Australia.

In two weeks Kate and her Team used their contacts and networks to set up a brand-new business. Kate was able to source the best Counsellors and Psychologists at short notice. Running a highly successful counseling service via telehealth to 78 employees and their families for over 14 weeks made large amount of profit for the business.

The ability to pivot and  hustle is what led to TaylorCare Telehealth which was then launched in April 2021.

“Struggles are just lessons for the future” this statement truly defines the way Kate faces her struggles. She observes analyses and solves them. But more importantly, she learns and brings something good with them to the world.

“I think over the years the HR and Recruitment industry has been challenged, especially over the pandemic. It has pushed us to see people holistically in the workplace. Mental Health and well-being are now at the forefront of people’s minds and I’m seeing across Corporate, Government Services, and Small businesses are now offering well-being leave, team building days, and implementing psychological safety in the workplace is paramount to people having work-life blend instead of a work-life juggle.” – Kate Taylor on Human Resources Management

Growing for the Future Entrepreneurs

“Team Work Makes The Dream Work” If you want to truly succeed in business, you can’t do it alone. Work out your strengths and what skills you need to implement in your team to decide how to utilize everyone’s skills and experience. Kate Taylor is someone who has been in the recruitment industry for more than a decade. Being in the field for so long teaches you a wealth of wisdom, resilience and adaptability while maintaining passion and ambition to never give up.

Staff often say they reason they work for Kate is her energy, drive, passion, innovation, determination to succeed despite adversity. Giving up when challenges hit is not an option for Kate with her team even during the pandemic, she has innovative her business from surviving to thriving.

“To future entrepreneurs & HR professionals don’t limit yourself to dream bigger in what you want to achieve and then take quick actions to implement these dreams you will be amazed and what you see. Always fail forward and you will achieve all you dreamed of and more.”

Connect with TaylorCare on www.taylorcare.com.au or email Kate Taylor  kate@taylorcare.com.au 

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