London’s “Super Sewage System” Prevents Pollution In The Thames

London’s “Super Sewage System” Prevents Pollution In The Thames

A planned city is known to have minimal hassles to the citizens as well as the biodiversity around the city. London seems to be doing the same with the latest “super sewage system” to minimize pollution in the Thames River.

Moreover, the current sewage system in London was created by civil engineer Joseph Bazalgette in the latter part of the nineteenth century in reaction to the infamous “Great Stink. A cloud of foul air blanketed the city in July and August of 1858 as a result of high temperatures and a sewage system that discharged directly into the Thames.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel

The “Super sewage system” mentioned is the Thames River is being drilled for a 15-mile-long sewer that is the width of three London buses. Sewage will be piped to our Beckton plant from the new tunnel. Following that, we will recycle clean water back into the ecosystem while also using sewage waste to produce additional renewable energy.

“But today, with all its development, with population growth, it’s a very regular occurrence. And pretty much whenever it rains to any significant degree in London, it will be overflowing directly into the River Thames,” said Lucy Webster. External affairs director for Thames Tideway.

Overflowing Sewage

The sewage will be sent to a treatment facility in Beckton, east London, by the mega sewer, which will also fill the enormous tunnels in a severe downpour. It resembles a brand-new river system underneath London.

Importantly, Each London family must pay £18 annually to cover these expenditures, but as dirty rivers and beaches are a national issue, the cost will be shared by all countries.

Apart from this, the advocacy organization Surfers Against Sewage reported 14,000 untreated leaks and 700 cases of sewage-related human sickness in 2016.

Furthermore, the government unveiled measures this week to make it simpler to sanction water corporations for sewage breaches, and many campaigners believe they should use their profits to pay for the clean-up.

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