Meet Alexandra And CarynAI! Your Lovely AI Girlfriends!

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Imagine texting someone, all giggly and giddy! Talking about real feelings and sharing pasts and insecurities. Having a girlfriend that you can talk to about anything and she will listen to you wholeheartedly. No. You have not reached a love blog. This is Alexandra. She is an AI Girlfriends by a dating site called RomanceAI.

The world of romance is no haven as artificial intelligence permeates what seems like every nook and cranny of the internet. The world of dating apps is being invaded by AI, which may act as a matchmaker, trainer, advisor, or even fake companion at times.

Majorie to CarynAI

Majorie is a 23-year-old Snapchat influencer who created an AI version of herself with OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Marjorie promoted her product under the name CarynAI and asserted that she was the first influencer to turn herself into AI. Those who choose to pay the $1 per minute price will be able to have individualized private talks with CarynAI, which is made to be as similar to Marjorie as possible.

The AI version of Marjorie, however, appears to have “gone rogue” in the weeks since its test launch since it is now responding in ways that its creator didn’t expect. According to reports, paid users have been able to proliferate sexually explicit chats with the AI chatbot.

One of the reports came from Alexandra Sternlicht (Ironically) saying CarynAI was like a “intimacy-ready Siri” that could go from cooking recipes, news updates, to “erotic discourse”.

Everything is AI

AI is being included in well-known participants in the online dating industry like Tinder and Hinge.

With the majority of them being free or offering numerous free features, new applications like Blush, Aimm, Rizz, and Teaser AI provide whole fresh perspectives on virtual courtship. Some claim that the chances of discovering the ideal match are increased by using personality assessments and physical type analyses to train AI-powered systems.

These apps want to leverage AI to design and conduct personality tests, comparing interests,and other compatibility features. Having them done in a conversational mode us much preferable and exciting.

The intention is to address the problems users have with conventional dating applications such as repetitive talks, a lack of matches, and an abundance of options.

Exploring Dynamics

By providing users with adaptable AI partners for practice and friendship, apps like Blush and RomanticAI adopt a novel approach to artificial intelligence. Users can mimic romantic interactions, digital dates, and chats with Blush. The website seeks to increase users’ self- assurance in handling actual love encounters. Similar to this, RomanticAI provides a selection of AI characters with unique personalities, providing users with a secure environment in which to explore their needs and emotions.

“It’s like saying using a word processor is like cheating on generating a novel. In so many ways this is just a new tool that enables people to be faster and more creative. AI is just honestly no different from sending a friend a gif or a meme. You’re taking existing content, and you’re repurposing it to connect with somebody,” Dmitri Mirakyan, co-founder of AI dating conversation app YourMove.AI said. “The world’s becoming a more lonely place, and I think AI could make that easier and better for people.”

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