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Today, advertising may signify many different things. The typical flyer or poster was the primary form of advertising when it was initially invented, along with word-of-mouth. Then it advanced to use broadcast media, like radio, to assist in drawing in larger audiences. It then moved toward the direction of the television so that an even larger audiences could see it. Finally, businesses began to appreciate the sheer volume of traffic the Internet created.

As advanced as it is with technology, advertising always tries to do something new. Every agency or ad-tech company wants to provide its clients with a unique, first-of-its-kind ad campaign. Be it advertising through music videos, video games, website advertising, or outdoor advertising. Or the combination of different media and so on.

Making a deal between an advertiser and a publisher sufficed for marketers in the 20th century, but today’s environment has altered, and how companies engage with customers has undergone a significant shift. When the first advertising technology was created at the beginning of the history of digital advertising, the most important shift took place. Every year, a variety of ad tech products come to market, and marketers develop their tactics by using sophisticated technologies.

To access and benefit from these tactics, and technologies, there are disruptive ad tech companies like Cazarin Interactive.

Cazarin Interactive provides businesses large and small with the promotional and digital services they need to achieve marketing success. 

They offer a full suite of services, including website design, print collateral, branding, email marketing, search engine optimization, and web applications.

“What we do at Cazarin Interactive is to place metrics in just about everything we do. Those metrics are then reviewed and we invest in the most effective tactics.  We put measurement in just about everything we do, and that measurement is then reviewed to see which marketing tactics are effective and which marketing tactics are not effective and invest into those that are effective, of course.”

The Passion Driver

Ricardo Ortizcazarin, the President of Cazarin Interactiveleads the way with over 25 years of experience in the bag. His vast post-graduate education leads the team by coaching, supporting, and inspiring.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Ricardo holds a Master’s in Marketing and was also a part of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Entrepreneurs Program. The Beta Theta Pi member of 1986 today is an accomplished Internet Strategist and Capitalize Marketing Executive. Ricardo is an experienced business owner who today helps to build and set companies up for success by improving their online presence through the services provided by Cazarin Interactive.

Ricardo’s career path has taken several twists and turns to get to where he stands today. Previously worked in several fields, and he has gardened an impressive amount of experience.

Like several wisdoms business leaders, Ricardo draws inspiration from his father. His father, during his time, was a successful entrepreneur in Mexico. Following in his footsteps, Ricardo stands confidently as a successful and inspiring entrepreneur.

Under his leadership, Cazarin Interactive offers a distinctive fusion of technology, creative, and marketing Savviness approaches that propel businesses big and small toward predetermined objectives. They have produced effective websites and marketing strategies for over 22 years that boost revenue and establish companies.

The Industry Picture

The Ad-Tech industry is a dynamic one. With evolving developments, there is always something new to explore. Any ad tech solution’s primary goal is to assist publishers and advertisers that produce results (eliminate everything in the parenthesis and the parenthesis) in executing effective media trading arrangements using programmatic algorithms. That is the purpose of advertising technology.

Changing along with the economy and adapting to it is important, especially in this field. One of the tedious aspects to deal with is the new hybrid working force. Today, the industry has a 70% remote workforce, which in the past was 5%. Also, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is disrupting the way things have been done for decades. The company started way back in 1998 as a web design company. For Ricardo, it was one of those “saw the opportunity, and took it” steps. The initial web design company pivoted into a brand agency in 2002, then again in 2009 to become the digital marketing agency it is today. Cazarin Interactive moved forward by adapting to the needs of the market to survive and thrive.

Service For the People!

A special combination of website design, creative, and technology solutions provided by Cazarin propels big and small organizations toward predetermined objectives. They have produced effective websites and marketing strategies for over 25 years that boost revenue and establish companies.

Through their 25 years of strategizing, and planning, they offer these outstanding services for their clients-

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Website Applications
  • Marketing Automation
  • Brand Building
  • eCommerce development
  • Video and Motion
  • Marketing Campaigns

“Cazarin has developed technology and has intellectual property that was developed in 2001 to communicate with our customers. It’s our ePROJECT system that can make each member of staff accountable and efficient. “

Under Ricardo’s leadership, the company has sailed through many challenges, like COVID, economic changes, and remote work. Fostering Team Spirit, collaboration, and accountability has enabled the company to thrive while others decided to call it quits.

For The Company, Customers, and Consequences.

As the ad-tech industry is majorly digital, that comes with the threat of safety and privacy. So how does Cazarin Interactive cover that?

The company uses tools provided by Google and Facebook, and two-step verification to make sure their clients’ data is protected and secured. They also monitor accounts way more frequently and diligently as compared to other agencies. They don’t rely on tech, but on people to monitor their processing.

The company contributes to the industry by serving its customers with quality strategies. When Ricardo and his team map out their goals, they establish them as realistic as possible. The company not only serves its customers by delivering results but by making it easy to communicate goals and objectives with the proprietary technology Ricardo and his team developed and use today.

Cazarin Interactive has developed technology and intellectual property that was developed in 2001 to communicate with our customers effectively called eProject.

Their previously tailored campaigns and company solutions have delivered significant results for their clients. Cazarin Interactive delivers credible and progressive solutions through its campaigns, ideas, and design.

Bokers Marketing Campaign experienced 2000% leads increase in 6 months. Their campaigns were released over time, expectations were exceeded, getting the results they aimed for.

Similarly, a series of campaigns for Cameron’s Coffee received a 500% sales increase in 6 months.

When the company worked for the American Flag Company, they witnessed their sales ride from $0 to over $1 Million in a couple of years.                                                 

Picture of the Future

Keeping up with constantly developing trends is difficult, but extremely necessary. Ricardo and his team strive towards understanding the latest technologies that arise. They make efforts by constantly reviewing their marketing campaigns and work culture.

The team constantly questions their customers to get feedback and improve themselves.

They have a progressive vision for their future, and that spells out GROWTH!

As a digital marketing agency, their forever aim is to keep growing and contributing to the goals they have carved for themselves and their clients. Cazarin Interactive consistently employs techniques for evaluating each of the many marketing strategies. It is believed that the average marketing spend is squandered by 50%. The issue is that marketers frequently are unsure about which 50%.

Cazarin Interactive measures almost all of its activities, and after reviewing the results, they determine which marketing strategies are successful and which are not, investing in the successful ones of course.

For more information – www.cazari.com 

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