Technofascism: The New World Disorder

Technofascism The New World Disorder

TrineDay Publishing’s 150th book, Joel Kabakov’s “Technofascism: The New World Disorder,” is released on March 15, 2022, according to publisher RA “Kris” Millegan, The term technofascism came to the author’s mind a few years ago as he was discussing recent trends with a friend.

As Andy Farnell points out in the book’slg4 foreword, the turning of technology into tyranny appears to be a global and universal process. Is there something within us that craves servitude and the beatings of a cruel mechanical master, he wonders? Are we giving up our right to choose in order to serve a new religion? And, if Joel’s words are a rallying cry, we must ask not whether technology can save us, but whether we can save technology.

Humanitarian protest movements

Mr. Millegan: I produce books to expose the people in the shadows that influence news and events to push their agendas on us. They frequently cause us to fight amongst ourselves while robbing us blind and doing horrific things to people in other countries. This is not the America of our dreams, which we must build and pass down to future generations. Joel commented on page one of his book on how difficult it is to be free and urge one’s government to respect human rights.’…the greater empire’s geographic reach, the greater the need for domestic social control, accompanied by brutal state crackdowns on dissent, no matter how justified or popular. ‘Indeed, the mass projection of authority abroad necessitates a large domestic labor class, which is the most likely to spark humanitarian protest movements. As a result, support for the emperor-dictator… necessitates that everyone, whether directly or indirectly, serves the state. As a result, any collective desire for liberty and the right to dissent has been drummed out of the people… whenever it develops… in imperial governments, keeping any glimmer of democracy in political obscurity. ‘Good morning, America.

Proxy Culture

“Ominously,” Millegan continues, “advances the case that one of the main goals of the technofascist state is to create a proxy culture that will eventually replace and destroy culture itself.” Joel’s book encapsulates TrineDay‘s vision and is an excellent choice for our 150th book.

TrineDay is run by RA “Kris” Millegan, a small publishing house founded in 2002 in response to the corporate press’s refusal to publish many interesting, well-researched, and well-written books that challenge official history and threaten America’s corporate culture. TrineDay will publish its 150th book on March 15, 2022.

Joel Kabakov is a composer, poet, and author of “Technofascism: The New World Disorder,” which was inspired by Rachel Carson’s 1962 classic “Silent Spring,” which launched the environmental movement.

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