The Transformational Leader: Kaile Zagger Explains Importance of Transforming And Growth In Business

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The birth of a child is beautiful—the beginning of a brand new life on the canvas of the earth. The first few days in the life of an infant are crucial. The newborn must be cared for and given loads of love and affection. Feeding the infant with breast milk from the mother is extremely important. Breast milk contains every nutrient necessary for the nutrition of the infant, including EVC001- a bacteria strain.

Modern-day lifestyle has somehow dissolved EVC001. Some even refuse to feed their infants with said breast milk and go for artificial replacements. This exposes the newborn to challenging diseases, low immunity, and food allergies that can last for a lifetime.

Infinant Health is a privately held infant health company fiercely dedicated to discovering and implementing microbiome-based solutions to not just newborns but life-long health conditions. Infinant Health has pioneered an innovative strategy to transform infant health. Its groundbreaking discoveries have the potential to significantly impact human lives throughout the lifespan by initiating an easily deliverable intervention within the very first hours of life.

Kaile Zagger, CEO of Infinant Health, began her career in General Electric’s Global Leadership Develop Program. She trained herself in core business practices and principles to later work in financial management. She studied Six Sigma and process improvement and then gained exposure to first-hand the complex challenges of global businesses and nuances of transformation.

She describes herself as someone who thrives in high-pressure, high-performance, and result-oriented environments.

Throughout Kaile Zagger’s life, she faced recurring discouraging obstacles and severe challenges. Her mother left the world at the very young age of 46 after she was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

There are still cases when people lose their lives due to diseases for which we have a cure, but are unable to get resources and help.

Kaile wants to work with organizations that strive to make the world a better place and bring in newer and more efficient medical innovations on a bigger level.

“I live to lead impact organizations that have groundbreaking science and stand the chance to change human health for the mass population so that I can work to leave the healthcare system a better and stronger care provider than that of my experience at a young age.”

  • Kaile Zagger

The Foundation

Infinant Health works to build substantial science and technology assets underlying gut function that may be the root cause of acute and chronic health conditions. Their expertise deems breast milk as nature’s most perfect food. The benefit of said breast milk on human development is what guides Infinant Health’s solution-based products. The products focus on strong immune system development from birth. By doing so, the solution saves infants from lifelong costly non-communicable diseases.

They strategize to help the beneficial bacteria of EVC001 to reach every modern world infant, breastfed or not. With their deep machine learning and adaptive intelligence, they accelerate their efforts to bring in a robust set of solutions to infant health that will mitigate health challenges in the modern world.

Infinant Health aims to make the resources available to every infant for healthy immunity and growth. The company partners with Johnson & Johnson, the Helmsley Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many others with similar aims toward the betterment of the world.

Infinant wants to change the trajectory of health by driving delivery of the changing strain of EVC001 to every family welcoming a new life.

Transformations And Path-Changes

Kaile is often globally recognized as the Transformational Leader. She has set multiple examples and benchmarks throughout her career being a pioneer transformative leader in healthcare. She believes that to successfully transform one’s company into a high-performance, one must develop the ability to constantly adapt, adjust, accelerate, and innovate.

It takes a combination of intuition, effort, teamwork, determination, and perseverance. By establishing objectives, cutting back on feedback loops, and rating performance on results rather than outputs, the most successful transformational businesses concentrate on meeting consumer expectations.

About 52% of transformations fail, and many businesses opt to stay on the safe side and avoid the challenges of a fundamental transformation. Some organizations should be promoted and acknowledged for offering the industry’s gold standard of care, but they may never get there unless they’re ready to change.

Kaile is passionate about growing a business that can bring a positive change and magnify society and ultimately the people to be treated. When brought to the finish line, transformative companies have somehow magical inertia. They develop extraordinary high-performance, dynamic, and elastic properties. Which produces a powerful cadence, distinctive, novel solutions, and real capacity to carry out ground-breaking actions.

The transformative process requires a hyper-focus on meeting customer needs through understanding the “Gemba,” shortening feedback loops and measuring performance based on outcomes, rather than outputs.

Infinite Benefits with Infinant Health

With the company’s efforts to tackle basic digestive function, which may be the primary contributor to both acute and chronic health issues, Infinant Health stands out in the field of science and technology development. A cutting-edge approach for improving infant health has been developed by Infinant Health. With an easily accessible intervention in the very first hours of life, its ground-breaking results have the potential to have a major impact on human lives throughout the lifespan.

They envision a future where careful attention is given to the development of the infant gut microbiome in the initial stages of life. Which will lead to the elimination of non-communicable diseases such as type 1 diabetes, atopic dermatitis, and food allergies, among other problems. Clinical trials show that EVC001 can both accelerate and lock an infant’s immune system into full function. They work to guarantee that all infants have this crucial start to life since it is genuinely life-changing.

Behind The Scenes

An organization’s heart and soul are its people. The magic is created by high-performing teams that collaborate and join together to carry out a purpose. Because if teams are successful, then their efforts will be fruitful, and the company gives the highest priority to its people and culture. Infinant Health has undergone a significant transformation in 2022, including a change in its organizational culture.

The firm today places high importance on scientific research that breaks new ground. An innovation that speeds up the discovery process, high performance, complete accountability, and cross-functional leadership teams with strong connections. They collaborate in an engaging and motivating method to accomplish their goals of expediting their product development pipeline and rapidly changing market.

New Developments At Infant Health

As a transformational company, Infinant Health wants to help the medical industry in more ways than one. That can only be done with extensive and continuous research and improvements in their constantly developing field of theirs.

Infinant is expanding its pipeline of next-generation microbiome-based solutions to completely change human health. Through accelerating their product development and portfolio expansion, they want to include digital companion applications and potentially diagnostics. This is achievable with their strong and progressive intellectual property, a world-class management team, ground-breaking investors, and an unwavering commitment.

A Message For The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

With the experience of a person such as Kaile, there’s so much to talk about when it comes to the stories and words she would like to share a piece of with the world.

She believes that learning is forever. It is imperative to learn everything you possibly can. Learning and Growth- both have no ends. There is always room for improvement and knowledge.

To bring in this growth, building a strong team with intelligent and innovative people is crucial. As a leader, it is your responsibility to empower and encourage them through every endeavour of you and your team. It is also a leader’s responsibility to equip their teams with leadership qualities, hence fostering and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Set a strong, unique vision, hire the best of the best, and recognize and remove obstacles to accelerate success.

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