World Mental Health Day 2022: Ways to Cure Empty Feelings and Identity Crisis

world mental health day

As residents of the 21st century, prioritizing mental health should be no breaking news. Taking a few minutes from our busy days to spend with yourself is all your mind needs at times. World Mental Health Day takes efforts to organize support for mental health and increase awareness of global challenges.

The 10th of October is known as world mental health day every year. The world federation for mental health started the program for mental health in 1992. The federation has been advocating the importance of mental health for 62 years. They produce research papers and educational material for the general public with the aim of increasing mental health awareness. 

This Year’s World Mental Health Day

The theme- Make Mental Health & Well-Being For All A Global Priority– speaks about how mental health is for all. As a society, we can move towards a mentally sound world by joining hands. Prioritizing and including mentally beneficial activities should be a common practice globally, which is the focus of this year’s theme. 

Mental Health
Avoiding mental health cures is a never-ending fall

As the world goes through a pandemic, it is more important than ever for people to go out seeking mental health services. The pandemic has affected all of us, in ways that can go unnoticed. 

The whole mentality around mental health needs to be changed. Seeking help doesn’t mean someone is “crazy”. That is what this year’s theme wants to highlight for mental health and seeking help to be prioritized and normalized. 

Changing Perspectives

There is a certain stigma around mental health. Making it some type of taboo to even discuss. If a person talks about their latest therapy session, they will face rolled eyes. If a child voices their need to seek help, they will be told to concentrate on their studies. 

Mental health therapy
Getting your hand’s dirt to clean your mind

This perspective needs to be changed. Therapy at any stage of life is valid. At any stage, taking time out for yourself doesn’t mean you are lonely. Refusing to do something in the foresight of your mental health is not being selfish. 

If this perspective changes, several severe illnesses might be checked and properly diagnosed before it is too late. Many will lead a life not feeling a weight on their chests. People will feel free from previous guilts, traumas and incidences. 

Ways To Ensure Mental Well-Being

Mental well-being is an integral part of our overall health. It’s the knowledge that we are separate from our problems and the belief that we can handle those problems. Mental health is something one can work on just like physical health. like there are physical workouts, there are several mental health exercises to perform. 

Creativity for mental health
Well being through creativity
1. Connect with people

Maintaining healthy relationships with people can act as an escape for your mind. Spending time with people you trust builds a sense of belongingness and self-worth. A close-knit circle gives you emotional support and an opportunity to support others.

2. Music

Music is a healer. There is music out there that will speak to you and help you deal with a lot of issues. Listening to happy tunes increases creative thinking and brain power. 

3. Learning New Languages

Languages are a source of communication. A way for you to express yourself better and effectively.  Numerous studies have shown that bilingualism can increase creativity, visual-spatial skills, and memory levels. 

4. Change A Little Thing In Your Routine

Sometimes the mind gets bored of how monotonous things go, which can result in lethargy. Choose a different errand route, and change your daily music playlist. Change your mode of transport. Just a little change makes a lot of difference. 

5. Help Others

People don’t understand the power and satisfaction behind helping others. It can be assisting someone with their attire or helping others with life crises. Any amount of kindness brings happiness to both sides. 

Treat people with kindness. 

6. Mindfulness

Possibly the best thing one can do is, live in the moment. Focus on the task in front of you or the day you are living. Regretting the past won’t change it, and stressing about the future won’t 

Living in the moment helps you appreciate your surroundings and enjoy life. 

Pictures credit: Michael Driver (UK) & Pedro Gonçalves (Brazil)

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