Blue Wall Technology Launches AI Property Sales System: Julius

AI-powered property management system

Blue Wall Technology, a prop-tech company specializing in workflow digitization, has announced the upcoming launch of an AI-powered property marketing and sales management system named Julius. Originally successful in China, Julius is a cloud-native system that will make its global debut in the Gulf Region and North America.

Jeffrey Yun Bai, Founder of Blue Wall Technology, says “With deep industry know-how, cutting-edge AI and cloud technologies and a verified business model, we have established undisputed leadership in China, the world’s largest real estate market. We are now ready to meet the global need for digital transformation in the real estate industry.”

“With decades of experience in real estate, construction and internet companies, we are confident that Julius’ global version will greatly improve the marketing efficiency for developers to obtain new customers from fast-growing social media platforms”, adds Bai.

According to Bai, the CEO of Blue Wall, Julius has evolved into the “de-facto operation system” for their clients in China since its introduction in 2020. The system encompasses a range of modules such as gen-AI marketing, CRM, dynamic inventory management, and real-time budgeting.

The global version of Julius will prioritize two key functions: “AI-enhanced content creation” and “Sales Management.” The AI-enhanced content creation aims to assist developers in generating and distributing personalized marketing content on social media platforms. Using generative AI technology, the system can make real-time adjustments based on client feedback.

“Like many industries, the real estate sector is increasingly relying on social media platforms to generate new leads. It is estimated that property transactions from online channels have been increasing at over 200% annually since COVID-19. We are ready to upgrade Julius to meet the urgent demand for digital solutions from marketers,” says Bai.

The Sales Management system within Julius will enhance social CRM systems, enabling developers to more effectively manage their sales channels. The standardized workflows from customer leads to transactions aim to maximize marketing effects for overall business success.

Data reveals a surge in Chinese investment in global real estate, with major cities experiencing the fastest growth. “The trend is clear as more Chinese companies expand globally, there is a growing need for Chinese entrepreneurs and executives to invest in properties outside of China. Blue Wall not only possesses technical solutions but also boasts deep insights into the specific needs and preferences of Chinese property buyers,” explains Bai. “Our Julius system allows us to leverage this expertise and deliver significant value to our clients.”

Blue Wall’s success in China is evident through an 80% increase in sales revenue in 2023 compared to 2022, with an impressive 95% contract renewal rate among its clients. The company collaborates with developers across various property types, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure, operating in over 20 provinces in China.

Notable clients of Blue Wall in China include leading national and regional developers such as CR Land, Gemdale Group, Landleaf Tech, Mingji Estate, Siasun, and others. The company has garnered support from prominent venture capitalists, including GGV Capital, ZhenFund, and Hearst Ventures. Blue Wall has received recognition, being listed on Forbes Asia “100 to Watch” in 2022 and awarded “China Leading Proptech 50” for three consecutive years by KPMG since 2021.

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