Doctor Warns Of Dangerous Pregnancy Test TikTok “Trend”

Pregnancy Test

Trends on TikTok come and go, ranging from educational and inspirational to silly or funny. Most of them are even addictive, but the downside of social media is that any trend or challenge is accepted almost immediately to garner reactions, comments, or followers, regardless of the dangers involved.

It is feasible that a few short videos of the platform are circulating on the Internet that spread a number of misleading wrong information. This can end up being elaborate if the fashion becomes popular. A particularly risky and misleading exercise has gone viral where pregnancy test kits have been used with methods that should not be encouraged. Doctors have now warned it is dangerous to practice.

Plan B in the pregnancy test?

On TikTok, a video of someone cutting up a pregnancy test kit to reveal a “tablet” withinside went viral. The original poster for the video added the caption “Plan B in the pregnancy test” with a surprised emoji, suggesting an emergency contraceptive tablet was hidden inside the plastic test kit.

However, this is wrong. According to a Daily Star report, NHS Dr. Karan Rajan has dispelled the myth of a ‘Plan B tablet’ in the pregnancy test with his TikTok video. According to NHS doctor and social media educator, Dr. Karan Rajan told people who are testing for pregnancy or trying to avoid pregnancy “not to take the tablets provided.” He clarified that the so-called “tablets” included in pregnancy test kits are not a backup plan or an emergency contraceptive tablet.

Don’t eat the tablets you find on a pregnancy test. They’re a desiccant tablet used to absorb and retain moisture to extend the life of a pregnancy test, much like the little packets of silica found in shoes and bags, Rajan said.

He further explained that these things are toxic to humans. Not only do they not prevent pregnancy, but they can also be dangerous, and if you have eaten one. Rajan advises you to consult a doctor. The doctor’s video, titled “Don’t Do This” will reach more people and convince them of this dangerous trend.

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