Don’t Fade-up, Shine Bright!

Love is The Connecting Force of The Universe

There is so much going on right now and we have been touched on all levels of our being. Unsurprisingly, we feel physically and emotionally affected. We have the endless stream of “official” media propaganda with its ridiculous planetary narratives spreading 24/7 and its masked zombies. What a vibration all this deflation! We want to know what’s going on, so hit up our favorite truth networks in hopes of knowing that the hundredth monkey is here. Of course, we are almost there…Our doulas do their best to help us by sharing their legal, medical, and spiritual discoveries

These are juxtaposed with endless scary stories that suggest power structures are tightening their grip. Our sphere of existence keeps shrinking, as do our hitherto acquired basic freedoms, the right to work and earn a living, the joyful celebration of life we ​​share with those around us, travel, holidays, and even the air we breathe. ! they carry us away. But on the other side of this equation, the circles of our soul tribes are widening. We find brothers and sisters who see the truth like us, and we form bonds that strengthen us all in this birth process.

It’s true, we are in transition

Look at all the physical worlds you were born into according to your karma and what you need to evolve. Slowly the finger of the Nameless approaches these worlds and will penetrate them in the form of a fantastic cloud of energy. You do not feel it yet, but in two thousand years, all your planets and stars will be transformed by his intervention. This will cause them to vibrate at a higher pitch, causing them to etherize. ~Lord Jesus

We have heard that the frequencies of the sun, carried by the solar winds, are increasing. All planets in our solar system are affected. Could this be the “etherification” of which Jesus spoke two thousand years ago? And what could be the consequences of “rising the sun in tone”? Considering what happens when we experience physical symptoms, headaches, fatigue, nausea, insomnia, we assume these are the stress effects of this complicated situation. But perhaps the physical and emotional states that many of us experience are related to the increased solar activity; the “finger of the nameless” that spiritualizes our corner of the cosmos. I have read that this incoming energy is affecting everything on the planet and sensitive people are noticing insomnia and a host of other symptoms.

Wind-driven solar storms throw our circadian rhythms out of sync. They affect our nervous system, hence the heightened anxiety and fear many of us are noticing, ah! As if the daily “news” weren’t enough. Solar activity affects our Earth’s resonance, our planet’s heartbeat, and our heartbeat. Have you noticed that your heart feels strange? Every aspect of our physical and subtle body is affected. Every cell registers this age change. Other “symptoms” of heightened cosmic activity are the rebirth of old, unresolved emotions, and the desire to connect with people from our past, to forgive, or to ask for forgiveness. These old wounds are healing and everything, we are told, contributes to the momentum we collectively receive to shift into a higher frequency.

Everything is in turmoil, as in a healing crisis. Or during a birth. Many believe the intention is to move from our current slower vibrational density into a higher vibrational state. This is the journey of the evolution of our consciousness. We know that higher emotions like gratitude, compassion, and love vibrate at a higher frequency than lower emotions like fear, jealousy, and guilt. We have been living in a very low vibrational place on this planet for eons due to the “slave self” or ego spirit that has been forced upon our species by the dark ones.

Love is like a ray of hope 

Love is the binding force of the universe. Thus, we inhale and exhale love through free nostrils and we know that we are one. We refuse to obey this tyranny. Conformity NEVER brought freedom. If we want to preserve our most basic freedoms, we MUST deny ourselves. Separate and we now know the importance of connecting and forming a cohesive resistance against the evil that is tearing our world apart. The separation that black brothers have planned and implemented daily is not only to separate us from those around us but also to separate us from Source, God, the greater system of consciousness, Tao, the Nameless.

The power of love is the power that prevents everything from becoming the nothingness of space. How important it is then to form coherent groups with our fellow human beings, our tribal and resistant soul. In the end, truth and love will prevail. Now is the time for all of us to have that thought and intention in the first place.

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