How Living In Two Realities Is Dangerous?

Two realities

Some of us can remember the life before digital technology, the internet, computers, 5G, smartphones, and everything else. I surely do remember it as life was much simpler back then. We were more concerned with what was going on in our own lives than with what was going on around the globe. We developed a stronger bond with people nature, and, the outdoors. We got more exercise, played more games, and lived more.

Reality of changes

It was less than 30 years ago, not even one generation has passed. Sometimes, if we ponder it becomes difficult to comprehend how anything new affects us and changed our world. It truly takes time to understand the working mechanism of anything new as well as requires time to acknowledge the potential for harm. We have developed an entire parallel reality in just a few decades, which continues to expand and get more complicated as it increasingly draws real people into the metaverse’s extremely unreal world.

Digital expansion of the world

At present, thousands of 5G satellites are being installed in our atmosphere. Globally there is a push to corral the population into digital passport web and social controls, the working style of the people have been changed from physical office to the home office of the zoom and computer, the money has tangibly moved to the digital space as a virtual currency, to include the most mundane appliances expanding of the things to the internet, additionally, our social network is also been digitalized. It can not be predicted where will it end but there is an indication of the evidence pointing towards catastrophe.

Paradox reality

The danger of living in two worlds is extremely serious. Especially when the shallow replica of one of those realities grants us energy, vitality, life, peace of mind, balance, purpose, and harmony. What good is being human if we are isolated, sick, overwhelmed, disturbed, fatigued, fearful, and distracted? I wanted to share this fantastic presentation by Paul Chek to help you realize the true and startling divide between these two realities. Nonetheless, this is exactly where we are heading. Aren’t you starting to get a sense of it?

 All you have to do to make people profitable is to scare them, and all you have to do is convince them that the only way they can acquire what they want is to do what they’re told. But if you believe it is a genuine tree and that you can see the entire tree, you’ll accept everything they tell you as fact, rather than asking what’s underneath the tree, what’s on the left side, what’s on the right side, what’s above it, and what’s behind it. You’re going to get sick if you don’t start looking below, above, front, rear, and side of the ideas being presented to you or programmed into you by the sorcerers. You’re going to die, or you’re going to live in continual terror, or you could end up with all three if you’re not careful. – Paul Chek

It can be understood from the statement made by Paul Chek that in process of making people believe or convince them about the reality. We need to make them believe that it’s profitable. If people will convince by the facts presented by you, they won’t question anything. They will simply believe it. Similarly, ‘living in two realities is dangerous, one hand it’s there is a world where we connect to nature. It has been transformed into the digital world, where we connect through social media applications. The digital world became an unreal world where everyone is living an opposite life to their original life. The virtual world makes people believe that the real world is similar, they are convinced with it. Whereas completely ignoring the fact that the real world is different from the digital world, which could be dangerous.

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