The 5 Best Technologies at Computex 2022


The COMPUTEX 2022 exhibition is back after years. This year, the computer tech event revolved around six essential subject matters AI, Connected X-Experience, Digital Resilience, Innovative Computing, Sustainability, and Innovations & Startups. It was dedicated to greater flexibility and building a virtual platform that meets global needs.

The exhibition has highlighted Tech Insights, Hybrid Displays, and Hyper-Personalized Recommendations. Chairman & CEO & Forums, seminars, and keynote speeches from international technology groups even provided food for thought. The exhibition was featured in individual conferences and video conferencing to set up the best and most well-timed communications channels for exhibitors and buyers.

Ryzen 7000 | Computex 2022
Ryzen 7000 Series

AMD unveils its ‘Zen 4’ 7000 series processors

AMD has shown its contemporary advancements in the computer age to improve the overall high-performance computing experience. With AMD’s Zen 4 7000 Series Processors, it offers the world’s first 5nm PC Processor cores which is a new improvement to the Ryzen Mobile lineup, “Mendocino;” the most up-to-date AMD clever era, SmartAccess Storage. 

ROG Swift 500Hz Monitor
ROG Swift 500Hz Monitor

Asus 500Hz gaming monitor

In the COMPUTEX 2022, Asus announced their very own and world’s first 500hz gaming monitor. The ROG Swift 500Hz features a 24.1-inch panel that comes out at Full HD resolution. Just to put things into perspective, the ROG Swift 500Hz draws images more than eight times faster than typical 60Hz displays in just one second. But it also means your GPU will be put through its peak. 

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MediaTek Wi-Fi 7
MediaTek Wi-Fi 7

MediaTek Wi-Fi 7 access point

MediaTek announced the world’s first live demo of Wi-Fi 7 technology, highlighting the capabilities of its forthcoming Wi-Fi 7 Filogic connectivity portfolio. Mediatek’s Filogic 880 platform offerings the Wi-Fi 7 get admission to factor and wi-fi router market. Similar to its competitor’s offerings, the platform helps all of the primary Wi-Fi 7 features – 320 MHz bandwidth with 6GHz band, 4K-QAM, Multi-hyperlink operation (MLO), Automatic Frequency Coordination (AFC), and Multiple Resource Units. 

Zero Carbon Community Computex 2022
Zero Carbon Community

Delta presents a “Zero Carbon Community” 

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, held a press conference at COMPUTEX 2022 to present its “Zero Carbon Community” themed showcase. Shan-Shan Guo, Delta’s Chief Brand Officer, stated the “Zero Carbon Community” subject debuts Delta’s brand-new company identity. Delta’s indoor air best answer has been delivered in eight kindergartens in Taoyuan and carried out to numerous care centers and clinical establishments in Taipei. 

APACER Gen 5 SSD Computex 2022
PCLe Gen 5 SSD

World’s first consumer PCIe Gen 5 SSD

Apacer found that PCIe Gen5 SSDs achieved speeds of up to 13,000MB/s at Computex 2022. Drives had been found out – the Apacer branded AS2280F5, and the Zadak branded TWSG5. Both can acquire 13,000 MB/s seq. examine velocity and 12,000MB/s seq. write velocity. It is not the primary time that we have got visible PCIe Gen five SSDs with those styles of speeds as Samsung introduced its very own PM1743 returned in December 2021. 

However, the ones had been created mainly to be used in business enterprise servers so it wasn’t precisely something you may simply exit and purchase in your very own private system. Both Apacer SSDs are consumer-geared up. You’ll want a PCIe 5. An optimized motherboard in case you need to get the most out of them, however, they will also run at 1/2 speed on a PCIe 4.0 MOBO way to backward compatibility.

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