Firmtech Taps “SexTech” to Empower Men in Need


Sextech matters because the physiological nature of sex is the foundation of everything we are and everything we do. This reality cannot be exaggerated. Society’s conflicting view of sex (we all like it but don’t mention it) implies that in the public consciousness sex has become, by default, an act, something we do. Who we are sexually informs everything about how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about others.

What Firmtech is doing?

FirmTech’s first launched product, The Firmtech Performance Ring (FPR), helps men with or without erectile dysfunction. FPR’s smooth proprietary material wraps tightly for firmer erections and hyperbolic pleasure away from the sensitive anatomy. Unlike single erection rings and rings made of more durable silicone.

FPR’s 2 versatile loops, one for the bottom of the phallus and the other around the top of the testicles are soft and won’t stick, they can move or pinch. Unique and Current Uses. FirmTech will take erection rings out of the closet and into the mainstream.

A man goes to a cardiologist or an internist with a health problem and they have equipment like EKGs and ultrasound to make an objective diagnosis and to evaluate the impact of treatments but If a man goes to a urologist for erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, or performance enhancement they have limited diagnostic monitors.

Elliot Justin, MD and Founder of FirmTech ensures, “Our technology will significantly aid in the treatment of both very common disorders.

FirmTech’s second product, The Tech Ring, currently completing beta testing, can add sensor technology to RPF. FirmTech describes it as the world’s first high-tech wearable device in men’s underwear. While it has similar performance-enhancing benefits to RPF, THE School RING tracks markers of erectile capacity and erectile dysfunction. It will help users and care providers to assess the impact of interventions aimed at enhancing performance and preventing or treating erectile dysfunction.

What erection ring provides?

The FirmTech Performance Ring offers individual and comfortable work for ultimate pleasure and performance. The ring’s snap-and-loop style makes it easy to wrap and kick around sensitive anatomy. By applying gentle pressure around the base of the phallus and testicles, this ring slows the flow of blood of the penis, resulting in persistent erections, delayed and likely longer-lasting orgasms, and excessive pleasure.

FirmTech products are designed to enhance pleasure and sustain sexual wellness by empowering men to understand the impact of medications, supplements, personal habits, and exercise on their sexual wellness. FirmTech will help men have great sex.

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