Porsha Carter: Women Empowerment, Feminism and Equality

Porsha Carter

Porsha Carter, a woman of color has been keenly interested in giving an equal cerebral opportunity to women and wanted to break the stigma against racial inequality. Carter always wanted to have equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender. She was always enraged with the fact that her skin color defined her position in society. She faced the effects of discrimination being a woman of color always infuriated her. Porsha thus wanted to bring light on the ongoing fight for the Right to Equality and Women Empowerment.

Porsha Carter quite apparently proclaimed, “Experiencing the effects of discrimination for both my gender and race lights a fire in me.” The societal stereotypes urged her to counter-attack those negative implications of ideas and instill insecurity in the lives of young adolescents. Carter joins the campaign called Glitter Sisters, a campus empowerment group attending and aiding support to the Black Woman in a White Society. Nevertheless, Carter thinks, joining the campaign was one of the greatest things which happened in her life. Through this, she can better understand herself and provide help to those who need her to assist them. This campaign rose a feeling of empowerment within her according to her interest. 

How does Carter explain Feminism? 

Feminism was more about providing an equal opportunity to everyone regardless of any other secondary factor. She explained feminism as to be a belief that breaks the toxic patriarchal approach of the society which discriminates the women and holds them back from their success. As a woman, she perceives that women are criticized for every facet of their vitality. So, as a woman, she wants to stand by another woman and advocates her to achieve every desire without the fear of being unacceptable in society. Feminism to her means the need to stands by women to active work and succeed in the leadership roles and make a place of one’s own in a male-dominant society with absurd principles. 

What achievement did Glitter Sisters make during her time in the Campaign?

Glitter Sisters has created a supportive and safe environment within the campus. This environment provided the women of color a place to maintain a healthy life in and out. Through this women are getting assisted to work outside the school as well. According to Porsha Carter, confidence plays a key role in a woman’s success and sustainability in the high school where the high schoolers grow and learn.

Although high school can tend to create divides between women, Glitter Sisters has brought a diverse group of amazing women together and furthered our intellectual curiosity, allowing us to find out our passions and how we want to contribute to and fix the society we are a part of.

The discrimination still affects the minds of the High Schoolers!

The biggest distinction is between white women and women of color. As she went to a predominantly white school, the obvious disproportional behavior between the two different races always prevailed. “Due to generational patterns, we tend to feed into the systematic arrangement of specific groups. By doing this, we are further isolating ourselves as an already mistreated body,” says Carter. She believes that the school has talented women without benevolent ideas yet the racial discrimination never lets these women come together rather their bark against one- another.

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