Loyalty Pays Off; Sometimes Even $380,000

Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford, who worked at Burger King for 27 years, is the individual they have chosen to honor. The restaurant business brags that it offers high-quality meals at competitive prices, but this would not be possible without the staff’s hard work.

Kevin and his dedication 

Kevin Ford never skipped a shift at the Burger King restaurant in the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, yet for his 27 years of service (almost 3 decades), he received a bag containing a Starbucks reusable cup, two pencils, a movie ticket, and some inexpensive candies.

Kevin said that he was pleased with all he had, and those 27 years were admirable. He continued by saying that likewise any large corporation, Burger King, has lost touch with its workforce.

Kevin appreciated everything he received, but this was not in line with what he truly deserved.

Encouragement and Support 

Internet users from across the world banded together to assist the workers, something that Burger King, a large corporation, failed to accomplish. 

People in Burger King voiced their unhappiness as a result of Kevin’s viral success in spreading a mere goodies bag he received for his devoted service.

A GoFundMe campaign was created for Kevin to give him and his family a stable future.

GoFundMe Campaign

Kevin Ford’s daughter Seryna launched a GoFundMe campaign on June 20 to recognize the commitment, her father showcased to his career.

The fundraiser’s initial target was $200, but it was immediately surpassed by the strangers who gave to the cause. One of the initial donors was allegedly comedian and actor David Spade. He is alleged to have donated $5,000 (about Rs 3.9 lakh). 

The GoFundMe campaign currently has $380,510 and is continuously increasing.

Seryna kept raising the bar because she was grateful that the original target, had been smashed.

After receiving enough support, Kevin released videos on Instagram and TikTok to show his love and appreciation.

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